Online Video Platform YouTube Faces Disruption as Meta Outage Extends to UK, Europe, China, Australia, and Mexico

As Meta’s services, including Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram, experienced a widespread outage impacting millions worldwide, YouTube, owned by Google, is now grappling with its own issues.

Reports indicate that around 5,000 YouTube users are currently affected by the outage, which has extended its reach to the UK, parts of Europe, China, Australia, and Mexico.

Meta’s Woes Contribute to YouTube Outage

The global Meta crash, which sent shockwaves through social media platforms, also affected YouTube’s operations.

With Meta’s internal systems down, YouTube users reported loading issues, adding to the chaos caused by the larger-scale disruption.

YouTube Assures Users: “We’re on It!”

Addressing the concerns of affected users, YouTube took to Twitter, assuring them that the platform’s team is actively working on resolving the issue.

The company expressed gratitude for users who reported loading issues and promised to provide updates as they work towards restoring normalcy.

Impact on Meta’s Stock Price

The repercussions of Meta’s global outage have been felt not only by its users but also in the financial markets.

Meta’s stock price took a hit as the widespread service disruptions unfolded, further emphasizing the magnitude of the incident.

Social Media Buzz Amidst Outages

As users encountered difficulties accessing Meta’s platforms, they turned to alternative channels, such as Twitter, to voice their complaints and share memes about the outage.

The situation created a buzz on social media, drawing attention from users and even eliciting reactions from influential figures like Elon Musk.

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