Comedian Stil_ez Misses Wizkid’s Call, Pleads for Belated Generosity Online

Missed Call, Missed Blessing: Stil_ez Cries Out to Wizkid

Nigerian comedian, Doncan iwebuke, popularly known as Stil_ez, finds himself in a moment of regret after reportedly missing a call from the legendary Afrobeats singer, Wizkid.

The comedian, known for his humor, took to social media to share his disappointment, suspecting that Wizkid might have intended to extend his ongoing generosity.

Wizkid’s Wave of Generosity

Wizkid, often characterized as reserved and reclusive, has been making headlines with his recent acts of largesse.

The singer gifted GOE a whopping 20 million naira simply for hyping him, and he reportedly bestowed 30 million naira on his right-hand man, Femi, to celebrate his birthday. The online community has been buzzing with excitement over Wizkid’s unexpected displays of generosity.

The Missed Call Revelation

Stil_ez, not wanting to miss out on Wizkid’s benevolence, shared a screenshot online, revealing that he had missed a call from the renowned musician.

Expressing his disappointment, the comedian humorously speculated that Wizkid might have intended to send him money and appealed to the singer to fulfill that potential missed blessing.

Online Begging for Generosity

In a light-hearted manner, Stil_ez addressed Wizkid in his post, saying, “Sorry @wizkidayo I missed your call. You fit still send the money, I love you.” The comedian’s public appeal for financial assistance from Wizkid sparked reactions and comments from social media users.

Social Media Reactions

The online community responded to Stil_ez’s revelation with a mix of amusement and commentary. Some users teased the comedian for missing such a golden opportunity, while others questioned the trend of publicly sharing missed calls from influential figures.

The diverse reactions highlight the dynamics of social media interactions and the way celebrities’ actions are perceived by the public.

Comedy and Fan Banter

Amidst the banter, fans and followers playfully engaged with Stil_ez’s post, expressing their own perspectives on the situation.

Some users joked about the increasing trend of missing calls from Wizkid, while others offered humorous advice on alternative ways to connect with the superstar.

Missed Connection Chronicles

Stil_ez’s post adds a comedic twist to the ongoing wave of Wizkid’s generosity, creating a moment of entertainment and fan banter on social media.

As the comedian humorously appeals for the missed blessing, it remains to be seen if Wizkid will respond to the call he didn’t answer.

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