Ben Shephard’s Age Joke Leaves Kate Garraway Unimpressed on Good Morning Britain

Ben Shephard’s Light-Hearted Age Remark

During Friday’s edition of ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Ben Shephard, the host of Tipping Point, playfully teased his fellow co-host Kate Garraway about her age.

The banter began as they discussed the upcoming World Conker Championship, set to take place in Southwick near Peterborough.

However, the championship had faced controversy due to poor weather conditions that affected the quality of the chestnuts used in the game.

Conker Conditions and Baking Solution

Officials attributed the poor conker quality to a rainy summer, which led to mushy and easily breakable chestnuts.

In response to this conundrum, competitors were allowed to bake their conkers before the contest to harden them, making them less prone to breaking.

Ben and Kate’s Conker Duel

Live on the show, Ben and Kate engaged in a friendly game of conkers. Kate openly displayed her lack of conker-playing skills, admitting that she had never played the game before.

It was at this moment that Ben delivered his playful jab.

He quipped, “Well, when you were back in school – you know, in the 1950s – you had to play conkers in the playground.”

Kate’s Reaction and Subsequent Play

Kate’s reaction to Ben’s comment was evident as she looked visibly stunned and unimpressed. She conveyed her disappointment to the camera, allowing viewers to witness her reaction.

Undeterred, they continued their conker duel, with co-host Charlotte Hawkins watching with a hint of concern. Kate’s attempt to break Ben’s conker resulted in an accidental hit to her arm, causing some discomfort.

Discussion on Conkers as an Olympic Sport

Following their conker clash, Ben and Kate discussed the campaign by sports experts to make conkers an Olympic sport.

Both found the idea “interesting” and noted that many schools had banned conkers due to safety concerns.

Ben humorously added, “They banned it for exactly the reason you illustrated, Kate! It’s really dangerous.”

A Playful Exchange on Live TV

The playful exchange between Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway provided moments of light-hearted banter on Good Morning Britain, highlighting the fun side of the hosts as they engaged in a traditional playground game.

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