Women, youths’ role critical in 2023 – Former Senate President

Former President of the Senate, Sen.

Bukola Saraki said that women and youths’ role are vital to the Nigeria government in 2023.

Saraki stated this in an interview with newsmen as sideline of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) State and Zonal Women Leaders of the Party in Abuja .

Saraki said that in his previous elective positions at the state governor and president of the Senate, the youth and women had always been critical components of his administration.

“I think both women and the youth have a great role to play, because at the end of the day governance is about providing for the people.

“Seventy per cent of them are under 25.

They must play key role in elective and appointive positions.

“From the time I was a governor and in the National Assembly, I have always worked with the youth.

I heard a lot of politicians saying that today, we should check their records .

“The reality is that you cannot make laws or govern people and they are not part of it.

As a woman said here they must be part of the decision making.

“My view is that women and youth who constitutes more than 50 per cent of voting population must play key role in the government that come in 2023.

“That is what all of us, collectively as Nigerians, must do.

It is only when we do that we will serve them better and if we want to do this they must be part of the system,” Saraki said.

Speaking on the Electoral Bill, Saraki urged President Muhammadu Buhari, to sign the bill into law, as it is an essential foundation needed for good governance.

Saraki said that Nigeria as the giant of Africa must have strong Electoral Act, as foundation for good governance.

“My appeal has consistently be that the strength of any good governance is in its electoral process .

If we say we are for good democracy, good governance, you must have strong, very good Electoral Act.

“We are leaders, not only the continent, Nigeria is a strong member of the global nations, and as such when we speak, we should also do the right thing at home.

We need a good and strong electoral Act.

“My appeal to Mr President, is that it is not about individual interests, but what is good for the country.

“No law can ever be perfect.

I know it is not possible.

From my own experience, this bill is good.

“The President needs to sign and I think that will be the greatest legacy we have, to lay the foundation for good governance.

“So I hope that the last few days left he will do the right thing for the country and for future generations of Nigeria, much younger ones,”
Speaking earlier at the meeting of PDP Zonal and State Women Leaders, Saraki said that come 2023, the party would give more support to women to occupy more elective and appointive positions.

Saraki advised women to be more involved in 2023 election, saying it is time for you to take charge of what is truly yours.

“I can promise you that with our chairman, I will also follow him behind, God willing, come 2023, we will attain that 50 per cent for women.

We have to work hard.

“We have to go back to the ward, local and state units to mobilise our people,” he said.

Saraki added that he and the part leaders would support the women to ensure that PDP leaders win 2023 election as well as ensured that women were rewarded.

NAN/ Suzan O.

Women, youths’ role critical in 2023 – Former Senate President

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