Woman Seeks Advice as Business Contact Turns Stalker, Raises Concerns of Harassment

Woman Seeks Advice as Business Contact Turns Stalker, Raises Concerns of Harassment

…By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media. A woman reached out to trained counselor Fiona Caine for guidance, expressing her concerns about a business contact who has been incessantly pursuing her since they met at a work conference.


The woman disclosed that she initially found him tolerable, but his behavior became pushy towards the end of the event.

Despite her attempts to avoid him, they exchanged mobile numbers and company details.

Unwanted Attention Escalates Despite Repeated Rejection

Upon returning to the office, the woman received a call from the persistent contact on the first Monday, indicating that he had not grasped the message.

She intentionally kept the conversation short, hoping to deter him, but he continued to call her daily throughout the week, even using the company line.

To her increasing distress, he began showing up during lunch breaks, suggesting drinks together.

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Despite her clear refusals and lack of interest, he remained oblivious to her rejection.


The woman informed reception to inform him of her unavailability if he visited again, but she suspected seeing him outside the office when she left for home the previous day.

Seeking a Solution and Fiona’s Advice

Questioning whether she should resort to being unkind to make him understand, the woman turned to Fiona for guidance.

Fiona cautioned against such an approach, as its outcome would be uncertain and potentially risky.

Instead, she advised the woman to take steps to distance herself from the individual.

Fiona recommended blocking his number to prevent further calls, suggesting that she inform her service provider about blocking nuisance calls as well.

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Additionally, she advised the woman to inform her company’s reception about the situation, enabling them to block his number or refrain from transferring his calls.

Seeking Legal Recourse and Support Helpline

Fiona suggested considering the involvement of local authorities, as the individual continued to visit the woman’s workplace and call her despite clear disinterest.

Such repetitive behavior may be categorized as harassment or stalking under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, which is chargeable as an offense.


Fiona encouraged the woman to contact the local police to report the incidents.

She also provided the National Stalking Helpline’s contact number, offering further support at 0808 802 0300.


The woman received valuable advice from Fiona, emphasizing the importance of distancing herself from the persistent individual and seeking assistance from the police if necessary.

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Fiona assured her that she could rely on the National Stalking Helpline for additional guidance and support.


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