Sharon Stone’s Private Eye Confronts Stalker: ‘Stay Away’ Warning

In an exclusive development, Sharon Stone’s private investigator, Paul Barresi, had a daring confrontation with the actress’s Hungarian stalker, Sandor Boros. Barresi’s message was clear: “Don’t come to Sharon Stone’s family home ever again.” This confrontation followed Boros’s presence on CCTV, lurking outside the home of Sharon’s sister, leaving the Stone family living in fear.

Stalking and Allegations

The stalker, Sandor Boros, had allegedly been terrorizing Sharon Stone’s family for months, even visiting their homes in pursuit of her address. Boros claims that he and the actress had a son named Jason in 1986 when she was 28, but he believes the child was murdered shortly after birth.

Stalker’s Obsession and Email Correspondence

During a phone call with Barresi, Boros admitted to showing up at the homes of Sharon’s sister, Kelly, and her brother, Michael. He expressed desperation to find his son and insisted that the Stone family knew more than they were letting on.

Boros claimed to have no photos or letters from the actress but revealed he had suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to his time in the army.

Daring Intervention by the Private Eye

Barresi, the private investigator, informed Boros that he should refrain from approaching the Stone family’s homes and urged him not to contact Sharon or any family member. He requested Boros’s word on this matter.

Unraveling the Case

Barresi was successful in tracking down the stalker to an airport in London within just 72 hours of being hired by the Stone family. Boros was about to board a flight to Hungary. Barresi expressed relief at having solved the case and emphasized that the Stone family was pleased with the outcome.

Ongoing Concerns and Past Stalker Incidents

Despite Boros claiming not to have plans to return to the US, there remain concerns about his intentions. His unwelcome advances come eight years after another stalker was hit with a restraining order for sending bizarre letters to Sharon Stone. Barresi highlighted the level of aggression and desire exhibited by the recent stalker, suggesting an intensified pursuit.

A Family in Fear

The Stone family had been enduring unsettling encounters, creepy emails, and uninvited visits from the stalker. These incidents left them in fear, compounded by the recent loss of Sharon’s younger brother, Patrick.

This exclusive story provides insight into a situation that had the Stone family living in fear due to a stalker’s obsession and their efforts to address the matter with the help of a private investigator.