Woman Dies After Collapsing at Illegal NYC Nightclub on Her Birthday

Woman Dies After Collapsing at Illegal NYC Nightclub on Her Birthday

Workers reportedly carried a lady from New York City who died after drinking in an illegal Queens nightclub to a back room where she was left for hours until she passed away.

On July 31, Jackson Heights resident Stephanie Quinones, 35, was apparently out with friends celebrating her birthday at an unidentified bar on 49th Street in Astoria when she reportedly fainted.

A recent video that has been circulating online and examined by the New York Post seems to show nightclub employees encircling Quinones as she lies motionless on the floor.

Quinones, a father of a 12-year-old daughter, is repeatedly slapped in the face by one man while the disco lights are still flashing, but she doesn’t move.

The partygoer then slumps forward and is picked up by several staff by her limbs.

A bartender inside the club, which the State Liquor Authority says lacks a liquor license, texted Jasmine Gonzalez, Quinones’s sister who resides in the Bronx, and emailed her a photo of an unconscious Quinones. According to The New York Post.

Gonzalez informed The Post that the bartender responded, “Come get your inebriated sister.”

Gonzalez came two hours later and claims she wasn’t aware of how serious the situation was.

She dialed 911 when she got to the club, but it was already too late. Gonzalez claims that once the club staff left, they locked her inside where she found her sister dead.

Gonzalez admitted to The Post, “I was applying compressions to a dead person.”

Everyone walked away from me. Nobody even had the courtesy to remain.

Gonzalez also asserts that the club staff had shut the building’s door by the time the ambulance had traveled down the street.

They all departed because they did not want to be present when the police arrived, she claimed.

According to her sister, Quinones was brought to Mt. Sinai Hospital.

Despite not mentioning Quinones by name, the NYPD stated that they were looking into a person who had been certified deceased upon arrival at the club location that evening.

If someone had merely dialed 911, their mother would still be alive, Gonzalez added.

The fact that they didn’t call 911 and that they cruelly had me go there in the hopes that she was still alive is what bothers me the most.

The 12-year-old daughter of Quinones has been to the temporary monument that has appeared at the club’s entrance.

Two police officers were seen with the young child as well-wishers placed candles and balloons.

Talea Wufka, a close friend of the family and an activist, has been posting videos to social media in support of a thorough probe into Quinones’ death.

This is the outcome if it’s an unlawful establishment, Wufka added.

They didn’t want the police or an ambulance because they didn’t want their unlawful operations to be made public, according to the statement.

Her sister started a GoFundMe campaign to gather money for Quinones’ burial and for her daughter Laurel, and it has now received nearly $25,000 in donations.