Disabled Woman’s Endless Ordeal in Sheltered Housing, From Broken Neck to Collapsing Ceilings

Disabled Woman’s Endless Ordeal in Sheltered Housing, From Broken Neck to Collapsing Ceilings


Victoria Parkhill, a 45-year-old disabled mother of three, is trapped in a living nightmare in her sheltered housing, enduring a series of horrifying incidents that include collapsing ceilings, rotten floors, and persistent mould.

A Broken Neck and Broken Promises:

Since moving into her Watchet, Somerset home in October 2010 after breaking her neck in an accident, Victoria hoped for a safe haven.

However, the reality has been far from her expectations, with a wet room built for her accessibility needs turning into a mould-infested disaster.

Violent Falls and Hospitalizations:

Victoria’s downward spiral began with a violent fall caused by a collapsing wet room floor, resulting in a head injury that landed her in the hospital.

Subsequent incidents, including a ceiling crashing down, have left her with a damaged disc and ongoing back issues.

Floods, Electricity Outages, and Unresolved Repairs:

The horrors continued during the festive season when an upstairs tap leak flooded the house, causing a foot of water, destroying appliances, and wrecking the kitchen.

Despite reporting the issue to the Magna housing association, repairs remain unresolved 43 days later, leaving the family with waterlogged floors and a persistently damp environment.

Health Impacts on Children:

The deplorable conditions have taken a toll on Victoria’s children, with her 8-year-old daughter Isla missing half the term due to severe health issues.

The family’s attempts to address the mould, including the use of a dehumidifier, have been futile, exacerbating their long-term damp problem.

Magna Housing Association’s Response:

Magna housing association, the property owner, has faced criticism for its delayed response and inadequate repairs. Despite promises to fix the waterlogged ceiling, the situation worsened, leaving the family unable to use the dining room.

Frustrations and Concerns:

Victoria expressed her frustration with Magna’s handling of the situation, claiming calls were ignored, and repairs delayed.

The family remains in a state of distress, with concerns over the long-term impact on their health and well-being.

Magna’s Statement and Promised Repairs:

In response to the allegations, Magna issued a statement acknowledging the delays in repairs and expressing regret for the prolonged inconvenience.

They outlined the timeline of responses and assured that repairs would commence in the week of February 19, attempting to address the outstanding issues and provide support to the affected family.


Victoria Parkhill’s harrowing experience highlights the challenges faced by vulnerable tenants in navigating housing nightmares.

As the repairs are promised, the situation raises broader questions about the responsibility of housing associations to ensure the well-being of their tenants, particularly those with special accessibility needs.

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