Bill and Melinda Gates links up to enjoy NYC dinner as they celebrate their 21 year old daughter’s birthday.

Bill and Melinda Gates Reunite for Daughter’s 21st Birthday

Family Reunion in NYC

Bill and Melinda Gates, who went through a divorce in 2021 after 27 years of marriage, came together in New York City to celebrate their youngest daughter Phoebe’s 21st birthday.

The family gathered at the renowned restaurant Carbone for this special occasion.

Casual Yet Chic

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, chose a relaxed attire for the celebration, donning a wool sweater over a white t-shirt, blue chinos, and navy sneakers. Melinda, on the other hand, opted for an elegant white flowing dress, complemented by bright pink strappy high-heel sandals and a matching purse.

Phoebe’s Fashion Week Moments

Phoebe, a student at Stanford University, had been turning heads during New York Fashion Week. She sported a short pink cocktail dress, styled her hair in a ponytail, and wore brown heels. Earlier in the day, Bill shared a heartfelt tribute to Phoebe on Instagram, expressing his pride in her accomplishments.

Melinda’s Birthday Facetime Call

Melinda celebrated her daughter’s birthday by sharing a Facetime call they had, offering words of wisdom about keeping friends close and self-awareness. She expressed her pride and love for Phoebe on this significant day.

Sibling Love

Phoebe’s older sister, Jennifer, joined in the celebration by posting personal photos of the siblings on social media.

Jennifer praised Phoebe for her qualities as a young woman, entrepreneur, sister, friend, and aunt and pledged unwavering support.

Phoebe’s Wealth and Ventures

Phoebe, the youngest of Bill and Melinda’s children, boasts a substantial net worth, largely attributed to her affluent parents.

She has emerged in the world of high fashion and fashion journalism, attending shows and parties at major fashion events and interning at British Vogue. Phoebe is currently involved in launching a sustainable fashion platform named Phia with her college roommate, focusing on partnerships with designers like Stella McCartney.

Phoebe’s Activism and Studies

Describing herself as a “reproductive rights activist,” Phoebe is pursuing studies in Human Biology.

Her commitment to social causes is evident in her academic pursuits.

Bill Gates’ Regretful Meetings with Epstein

In 2022, Bill Gates publicly admitted that his previous meetings with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein were a mistake. He expressed remorse for not recognizing the negative perception these meetings would create and acknowledged that they did not yield the philanthropic results he had hoped for.

His meetings with Epstein had been a point of disagreement with his ex-wife, Melinda, who viewed Epstein as “evil personified.”

Bill Gates’ Recent Activities

Bill Gates had been attending Senator Chuck Schumer’s AI summit in Washington, D.C., during the week before the birthday celebration.

At the summit, he encountered Tesla founder Elon Musk, dispelling rumors of a feud between the two tech giants. Musk reportedly made a friendly gesture by shaking Bill Gates’ hand.

Life After Divorce

Since their high-profile divorce, both Bill and Melinda have been reported to be dating new partners. Bill has been seen with Paula Hurd, the former wife of Oracle co-CEO Mark Hurd, while Melinda has reportedly been in a relationship with former Fox reporter Jon Du Pre.

Parenting and Wealth

Despite their vast wealth, Bill and Melinda Gates had expressed their intention to provide their children with a modest upbringing.

Bill emphasized the importance of education and pledged to give each of his children a limited amount of money, with the majority going to his charitable foundation.

The family had lived in a lavish $131 million mansion in Medina, Washington, known as “Xanadu 2.0,” complete with numerous amenities, including a man-made beach, movie theater, gym, and trampoline room.


The Gates family reunion for Phoebe’s 21st birthday in New York City brings together a diverse set of experiences and perspectives, reflecting the complexities of their high-profile lives and post-divorce journeys.

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