Wisconsin news anchor acquired a pistol hours before her suicide

Wisconsin news anchor acquired a pistol hours before her suicide

Neena Pacholke, a bubbly newscaster, shot herself in the head with a handgun 90 minutes after buying a gun from a Wisconsin store, DailyMail.com has exclusively learned.

Just seven weeks before their wedding, her fiancé called off their engagement, which led to the tragic end of her life.

After a turbulent two-year relationship marked by arguments, binge drinking, and cheating suspicions, the couple decided to call it quits.

According to pals, Neena even claimed to have discovered an odd pair of underwear when she went back to the residence she and her fiancé Kyle Haase shared.

Last month, Pacholke was discovered dead in the Wausau, Wisconsin, house she and Haase had recently purchased for $390,000.

The complete police report, which describes the actions taken by the police and her family in the days leading up to her suicide, has now been acquired by DailyMail.com.

Even though a concerned friend had phoned 911 and requested that police conduct a welfare check, Neena had left by the time the cops arrived.

The report describes how Neena Pacholke’s residence was visited by numerous cops early on August 27th after she texted a series of suicide statements.

A friend had taken all the guns out of the house the day before because of Neena’s unstable mental condition.

Kyle, Neena’s fiancé, and their children were traveling to Minnesota to see Kyle’s mother when they talked. Neena said she was “going to do something,” but she did not specify what.

The police were then requested by Kyle to do a welfare check on Neena at her residence. He gave them the garage code so the cops could try to get into the house, and he also gave them the code for the garage.

At 11:20 a.m., the cops returned home, but there was no answer from within.

Officers circled the house’s perimeter and looked in the windows, but they were unable to determine if anybody was inside.

They suddenly heard a clattering sound as though something had dropped.

Before pushing a door open, police waited for almost 30 minutes as they thought of methods to enter the house.

Officers proceeded inside a bedroom where the scent of gunpowder remained in the air.

Neena was discovered by them in a closet, resting against the wall with a gun next to her on the floor.

The bullet’s path through her head and into the drywall left a trace on the wall as well.

A receipt from Zingers and Flingers, a gun shop, where Neena had spent $840 for a 9mm pistol and box of ammo at 10 a.m. that morning, was located on the dresser in the bedroom.

The ammunition box had been left open on the dresser with three rounds missing from the box.

Neena’s phone had also been plugged in to charge on the dresser.

The night before her death, she had made a number of searches on Google on how to end her life.

She also admitted to being “broken” and “needing someone to speak to” in texts to her sister.

She disclosed to her sister in a painful text that “he [Kyle] told me he hates me and would feel like a million dollars once I am out of his life.”

Neena texted Kyle a frantic message just before the incident. It was to be her last exchange of words.

“Kyle, I adore you. I have and will continue to do so. You destroyed me beyond repair, yet I never lost hope. I’m so sorry to have to do this to you, but I’m at my breaking point.

When Kyle received the message, he was traveling with his kids and he replied, “The cops are there,” adding a minute later, “If you don’t answer, they’re going to open the door on their own.”

It was too late, however.

Exactly one month prior to her suicide there, Pacholke, 27, and Haase, 38, had closed on their home.

According to Pacholke’s pals, the father of two always seemed to be more involved in their relationship than she was.

One acquaintance said to DailyMail.com, “They were frequently fighting, and it appeared like Neena was more in love with Kyle than he was with her.”

Neena was also concerned that Kyle, a commercial sales manager at Imperial Industries, could have reconnected with an ex-girlfriend.

According to a buddy, Kyle recently told a friend, “Look at her boobs and a**, I wish Neena’s body looked like that,” after showing the friend a nude photo that a previous lover had given him.

He said, “I don’t even want to go home to Neena.” She barely earns $47,000 a year, thus the only benefit I get from her is a tax cut, right?

The elegant Barcelo Maya Palace all-inclusive resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, where rooms start at $550 per night, was the location of the couple’s wedding ceremony scheduled for October 12.

The couple, who first connected at a funeral in November 2020 while he was still married, had originally scheduled a sizable Wausau wedding for next summer, but they ultimately decided to move the date up. On May 9, he popped the question.

Earlier this year, Pacholke made the decision to vacate her apartment in the heart of Wausau and move into Haase’s rental home.

However, DailyMail.com has learned that after a significant argument in the beginning of July, he told her he was throwing her out.

On July 8, she rented a U-Haul truck and moved everything to a friend’s house. Before they made amends, she spent three days in a nearby hotel.

The University of South Florida star basketball player Pacholke, who was born and raised in Tampa, was well-liked in the community where she now called home.

Her fiance, however, is not as admired. One friend admitted to DailyMail.com, “I never liked him.”

Another person remarked, “He was always the most inebriated at the bar.” He was wealthy and didn’t hesitate to brag about it.

In July, when the couple was attending a breast cancer awareness fundraiser at the Wausau Country Club, Haase became intoxicated and aggressive, prompting the couple to call the police.

He attempted to sell the basket to Corey Suthers, a stockholder in the country club, because he had won it as a prize but didn’t want it.

Haase called Suthers a “piece of s**t” when he responded negatively.

‘He demanded his $2,000 back that he’d spent on a charity basket and when he didn’t receive it, he proceeded to shout out vulgarity and slurs at myself and everyone else within the club,’ Suthers told DailyMail.com.

According to the police report of the incident Haase ‘made disrespectful statements’ regarding Suthers’s money originating from his father.

‘These profanity-laden offensive statements were uttered in an unacceptably loud manner and in such a way that the majority of the people at the bar ordered that Haase leave,’ wrote Officer Jeff Hancock.

‘Haase’s verbal assaults to Suthers caused Suthers to hurl profanity-laced remarks and insulting statements towards Haase.

As this was occurring, Pacholke moved in between the two and sought to halt the increasing verbal confrontation. According to Pacholke, Suthers instructed her to ‘shut the f**k up.

‘While chatting with Suthers later on, he informed me that he instructed Pacholke to ‘go f**k yourself. He is a piece of crap. Why even are you with him?

Hancock, who attended the charity event alongside Officer Joshua English, continued, “Given the totality of the circumstances surrounding the incident, as well as Haase’s outspoken hostility toward Officer English and his demonstrated disobedience for lawful police commands, I determined that in the interests of public safety, neither Haase nor Suthers would be placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.

Instead, he informed them that the district attorney’s office would be handling the matter.

On May 7, 2021, Haase was also detained for a DUI; his blood alcohol content was.0.164, more than double the legal limit for driving in the majority of states. According to the police report, Palcholke was with him at the time, her blood alcohol level was.07, and he had an uncooperative attitude.

Neena Pacholke’s suicide has saddened her friends. She had a beautiful grin at all times. But in order for her to kill herself, she must have had a life-altering thought, one person added.

Sadly, there had been a suicide story on the news when Neena was anchoring it only weeks before she committed herself. She was overheard saying to her co-anchor, “I simply don’t see how somebody can commit suicide,” during the break. Such a self-centered action. The individual is unaware of how it impacts everyone in their life. Neena left him a voicemail and an email expressing her love for him and her need to go because she was suffering so much, according to what Haase revealed to a friend. Neena apologized to him for what she had done, but the pain was too great.

The ABC affiliate WAOW-9, where Neena hosted the morning program Wake Up Wisconsin, spoke with her parents.

They acknowledged that she had experienced years of mental health problems. Laurie Pacholke, Neena’s mother, said, “She was receiving therapy.” She had visited the crisis center a few times, I’ll say that much.

She had a lot of people to chat to here. She spoke to others, but she held back until she was in such pain because she didn’t want anybody to realize how she was feeling.

Call the 24-hour National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, text TALK to 741741 to reach the Crisis Text Line, or start a live conversation at suicidepreventionlifeline.org if you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts.

»Wisconsin news anchor acquired a pistol hours before her suicide«

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