Why You Should Add Strength Training To Your Fitness Routine

Why You Should Add Strength Training To Your Fitness Routine

Exercise takes many forms, and many newbies to fitness look at cardiovascular programs to improve their health. There’s not likely anything wrong with cardio kickboxing or aerobics classes, but limiting oneself to these types of training may have drawbacks. Weightlifting and other forms of strength training have upsides, and they could be worth exploring. Let’s look at some of the reasons why.

Strength Training Burns Fat

When it comes to fat-burning workouts, many assume cardio sessions are the only ways to achieve such results. That’s not entirely accurate, as strength training helps the cause, too. Any physical activity burns calories, including pumping iron and swinging kettlebells.

Now, some may say that high-intensity cardio burns more calories. Maybe cardio sessions burn more calories during workouts, but strength training could continue the fat burning for long after the activity ends.

Muscles require rest to grow. After a weight room or beginner kettlebell program session, the time off from the exercise gives the body a chance to recover and build muscle. That means the metabolism must draw calories for the repair process. Some added calorie-burning occurs during the recovery phase, even when someone is asleep.

Calories, Muscles, and Strength Training

Of course, diet counts. Keeping a diet on-point helps create the calorie deficit necessary to lose weight. Increasing calories may help those interested in gaining muscle and weight. The added muscle could then support a faster metabolism since muscle requires energy to maintain its size.

There are other metabolic effects to consider when building muscle. Essentially, all that new muscle mass increases the body’s resting metabolic rate. When people think of the body performing activities, they might only consider physical movements, such as lifting things or taking a walk.

However, tasks and activities also include heartbeats and breathing. Burning more calories while at rest further helps to potentially keep one’s body fat percentage. However, it bears repeating; that diet counts when hoping to stay lean.

Strength Training Improves Appearances

Burning fat and building muscle have numerous health benefits, but many people like to exercise to improve their appearance. Strength training helps with “looks enhancements” in ways beyond helping to reduce body fat. A muscular physique proves appealing, and consistent strength training may deliver this result.

A concern some might have about building muscle centers on worries about bulk. They don’t want to pack on 50 lbs. of muscle mass. Such persons may not realize how much muscle mass they develop is up to them because deliberate steps are involved.

For one, bulking up would include increasing the weight utilized during workouts. Someone who doesn’t continually add more weight and increase intensity levels won’t likely bulk up.

Once again, a calorie surplus becomes necessary for bulking. Those who keep the same calorie intact might recomposition their physiques.

Opting for a Total Body Workout

A strength and conditioning program that hits all the upper and lower body muscles might help someone reach their strength training goals.

Such a workout could develop a complete physique while making the exercise sessions more challenging and varied. Performing a mix of compound and isolation exercises would help create the toned and symmetrical look so many prefer.

Changing up a workout and hitting different parts adds a little mental stimulation to the process, which is another benefit to strength training.

Strengthening the Mind

As the saying goes, there’s more to exercise than looks. Studies have shown that strength training may have some uplifting mental health benefits.

Strength training may boost confidence and provide a positive hobby to concentrate on. And speaking of concentration, keeping the mind’s attention on an exercise could sharpen it.

While many things contribute to mental wellness, how someone feels about their appearance factors into the process. Strength training may build an outlook that plays a role in a positive self-image.

Working out also allows someone a chance to de-stress. Swinging kettlebells could assist with cutting down on anxiety through working out.

Strength In Daily Life

Strength training doesn’t only make people strong enough to lift in the gym. Such training helps with endurance and functional strength, making performing daily physical tasks a bit easier.

Ultimately, strength training delivers many valuable benefits when done correctly. Those who lift weights or swing kettlebells with proper form and don’t overtrain may reap the rewards from their hobby.

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