6 Tips to Help Increase Your Home’s Value

6 Tips to Help Increase Your Home’s Value

A home’s cost and upkeep are high, so it’s vital to ensure your home holds as much value as possible. For some, this means getting your house up-to-date to sell for the maximum price possible. For others, it means making improvements on the inside that will help increase a house’s worth significantly. 

So here are six tips to help you increase your home’s value.

1. Repair Leaks

If you’ve noticed standing water on your basement floor or a water meter that’s constantly spinning, your home may be experiencing a leak. Leaks require immediate attention, as even small leaks can cause major damage and lead to mold growth over time. Leak detection isn’t a do-it-yourself job, especially for older homes and those with complicated plumbing. 

For example, you can call specialists that deal with home renovations in Washington DC for routine maintenance or emergency leaks, such as a burst pipe. You can also search online for your closest home contractor.

2. Improve The Lighting

A popular tip to improve a room’s appeal is to ensure it’s brightly lit. Light is essential for creating an inviting and open feel, so you may want to consider adding new fixtures. This can be costly, especially if you have many homes to cover. 

Add track lighting or replace your current light bulbs with energy-efficient ones. These light sources are more affordable and can still brighten a room well.

3. Brighten Up Your Floors

If your floors are old and looking dingy, it can make the rest of your home look dull. You don’t have to rip out your flooring to bring it back to life; there are plenty of ways to brighten things up. You could paint your flooring with a bold color, change the type of finish or add rugs that contrast with any other colors in the room. 

Also, consider replacing your old area rugs with visually appealing ones that enhance the look of an open floor plan.

4. Add A Touch Of Warmth

A bright color can positively affect a room, but too much brightness can also be overwhelming. You may want to consider a complementary or contrasting color to help balance the overall feel of your room. Warm colors such as brown, red, or orange complement other colors and can add a touch of romance. 

They’re also known for producing feelings of comfort and security because our bodies produce the same colors when we’re feeling warm. Cool colors like blue and gray will do the opposite. They’re known to make us chilly, so you may want to avoid these if you want to make a room feel inviting and warm.

5. Improve The Outdoor Space

Improving the exterior of a home can be just as important as the interior to increase the value of your home. After all, the first impression you make on potential buyers tends to be outside your house. It may not be easy to find ways to upgrade it if your budget is tight, but you can still add curb appeal with a few simple additions. 

You could add some richly colored plants or install a modern-looking brick walkway to create an inviting look. Little things like this will help you sell your home faster and for more money in the long run.

6. Improve The Roof

One of the most overlooked parts of a home is often the roof. It’s essential to keep it clean and in good shape, because leaks and other problems on your roof may lead to mold, water damage, or even structural issues. 

You might consider hiring a professional roofer to take care of repairs promptly. If you’d rather take care of things independently, you’ll want to start by looking for any loose or damaged shingles. 

Shingling is a common DIY project, but if you’re doing it for the first time, get a roofing contractor to explain the process before starting.


Updating your home can be challenging and lead to substantial financial gains. If you follow these six tips to help you increase your home’s value, you’ll be able to sell your house faster and at a higher price. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to save up and make a huge investment in another home where you and your family can grow.

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