Why Professors Should Always Check Students Work for Plagiarism

Why Professors Should Always Check Students Work for Plagiarism

Plagiarism is considered an unethical, dishonest practice. The plagiarism rate continues growing, and professors must examine their students’ work to catch it.

What is Plagiarism

As a teacher, you need to know what defines the word plagiarism to spot it in your student’s copies.

Defining Plagiarism 

Plagiarism is stealing someone’s original idea and showcasing the idea as your own. It can be an infringement of copyright. Plagiarism can be divided into five types. Global plagiarism is stealing someone else’s exclusive content.

 Paraphrasing plagiarism is restating someone’s text in other words. Verbatim Plagiarism is duplicating a person’s words directly. There are other sorts of plagiarism as well.

Why Professors Should Check for Plagiarism

In educational institutions, plagiarism is very commonly done by students. Students copy content off the internet, use incorrect citations and even commit self-plagiarism. 

Academic Loss

Students often cheat whole essays of someone as the students consider it as an easy way out. They tend to copy others’ work because they fail to work hard for themselves. A professor should always check for plagiarism in students’ work to save them from failure in the future. 

A student may score a zero or face other consequences when copying someone’s work. A professor should ensure their students do no plagiarized work, or the professor will fail to grade the student correctly.

In order to be successfully admitted to a college, a student’s application is checked. Teachers should inspect the applications, so they only enroll honest students. Failure to generate original content should result in cancellation.

Failure In Future

If a professor fails to catch a student being unjust, the student will continue to plagiarize their work until they face severe consequences. If a student’s plagiarized work is caught at a significant stage, their whole reputation will be destroyed. A teacher can save a student from criminal charges if they catch their plagiarism and make them repeat their task. 

Affects Learning

Students will not learn to use their capabilities when they do not use their brains to fulfill tasks. They fail to learn things because they are not using their creativity and stealing others’ work. A teacher should manage to catch plagiarism to teach their student a lesson. Imposing punishments earlier is good for the student to realize their mistakes.

Moreover, students cannot form commendable skills because they copy others’ work. They cannot use their capabilities as they have not discovered their true capabilities.

Easier Checking

Instructors do not require to use their mental capacity to check work physically. They can use a plagiarism detector to find copied work easily. Moreover, the grading process is more accurate this way.

Educate Students 

There are many instances where students are unaware that they are committing plagiarism. It can be an unintentional copying of someone’s work or even self-plagiarism. Teachers must figure out where their students plagiarize and educate them about it.

Students can learn how to avoid plagiarism only if they know its types and consequences. Without a teacher’s help, students cannot improve their writing style and discover their mistakes.

How Can Professors Check For Plagiarism

Many tools are available to spot copied work done by students, and such tools must be used to eradicate copyright infringement as much as possible.

Check Carefully

Course instructors should carefully assess test copies, which will aid in catching plagiarized work. Going through assessment copies more than once can also help detect plagiarism.

Use Online Sites

There are multiple plagiarism-checking websites present on the internet. Online work can easily be uploaded on these sites and reviewed for plagiarism. These sites check work within seconds to reveal any copied content.

 An advantage of using such sites is that the copied content is highlighted. The sites also show the matched results with the original author’s work. Teachers can challenge their students with this proof.

Use Search Engines 

A teacher stated that he entered suspicious text in a search engine that confirms if a text is not original. This helps him deal with copied work done by students. So you should try that way too.


As a professor, you must check for plagiarism, which harms your students. Use plagiarism checkers to make your life easier and spot plagiarized work easily. Teach the dos and don’ts to your students to prove that you are a commendable teacher.