What Results Can You Expect from Hair Transplant Before and After?

What Results Can You Expect from Hair Transplant Before and After?

Nowadays, hair transplants are all the rage in society. The treatment helps men and women stimulate natural hair growth by eliminating hair loss problems. The procedures and precautions need to be followed exactly as prescribed by your surgeon.

Whether you are experiencing baldness or slight hair thinning, a high- quality hair transplantation treatment can help you to get rid of it. To know more about treatment, you may check out the hair transplant before and after results, which can guide you thoroughly. However, you need to know some factors that make hair transplantation successful.

Factors that Bring Optimal Results of Hair Transplantation

Below you will read some crucial factors to obtaining favourable and quality results. Make sure that you will take every step wisely. The factors are as follows:

Find an Expert

Make sure that the hair transplant surgeon you have chosen is an expert in restoring natural hair. You may find out about the best surgeon by checking the reviews or searching top results on search engines. 

Well-planned treatment

Before performing the surgery, making a proper plan is essential. Only a wise execution without any error can give you a natural-looking result.

So, find a surgeon who spends much time sharing all the details with you while planning your hairline. To exemplify, surgeons at Mittal Hair Clinic focus on the discussion as it’s a primary part of successful hair transplant treatment. 

Use of Adequate Technique 

Every case has its own specialty, and Dr Mittal prefers the techniques accordingly. To add more, if you lose the top head’s hair, the thick hair on the back of your head can be a donor in an FUE hair transplant procedure. Conversely, the preference for choosing a Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) is quite less as it leaves scars after removing a strip of your skin.

Attentive Graft Placement

Due to different hair growth, it is essential to do the placement of harvested hair grafts carefully. Only then can you expect incredible results. The process involves some specifications of transplanted hair, such as, it should match natural hair:

  • unified growth pattern
  • angle 
  • direction
  • space between follicles.

You may check out the patient reviews, including before and after photos, that will assist you in analysing the surgeons’ accuracy in graft orientation and placement.

Proper Aftercare is Vital

Not only surgery but also care after the treatment is essential to obtain good results. For that, you must follow the instructions and guidelines given by your surgeon. Later, it will ensure that transplanted hair takes root properly so that the natural growth of hair will be normal as expected.

Follow the below terms to care for your transplanted hair accurately:

  • Must take prescribed medications to avoid any side effects, such as swelling and pain.
  • Avoid or limit sun exposure.
  • Hold you back from taking steroids, alcohol, coffee and smoking.
  • Make sure to use protective headwear to cover your head, such as a hat or a headband.
  • Remember to sleep on your back or use a neck pillow for a few days to keep your head elevated.
  • Follow the right steps while washing your hair as per the surgeon’s instructions. 
  • Make sure to follow up with your surgeon during recovery to avoid any kind of errors in aftercare.

When do you expect the final results?

Recovery after a hair transplant takes a very short time compared to the visibility of final results. Generally, it takes around 12 months to show you the expected result. 

Even hair shedding seems to be expected just after a month of surgery, which ensures the success of the procedure. You can notice the visibility of natural hair growth within the first 6-9 months, which later reaches a whole head in less than five months.

Summing Up

To sum up, you can conduct thorough research on hair clinics before choosing one. Besides, Mittal Hair Clinic ensures you the transparent procedure and desired results based on it. It would be best if you followed all the aftercare precautions and instructions of your surgeon after the finest hair transplantation.

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