Catholic Professors Seek Freedom to Align Research with Conscience Amid Ethical Dilemmas in Scientific Endeavors

Catholic Professors Seek Freedom to Align Research with Conscience Amid Ethical Dilemmas in Scientific Endeavors

Navigating Ethical Challenges: Catholic Professors Strive for Conscience-Aligned Research

In the realm of scientific research, Catholic professors often face ethical dilemmas that challenge their freedom to follow their conscience.

A notable example is the pressure on biochemistry professors to engage in embryonic stem cell research, contrary to their beliefs in favor of adult or umbilical cord stem cell research.

Creating a Catholic Lens in Research: Nolan’s Vision for Academic Freedom

Catholic professor Nolan envisions establishing a space where professors can conduct research through the lens of Catholicism, aligning their work with their religious beliefs.

Her aim is to provide academic freedom while upholding Catholic values in scientific endeavors.

Corporate Partnerships for Academic and Professional Growth

Additionally, Nolan is working towards forging corporate partnerships, where corporations contribute to the university in exchange for priority access to students for internships and jobs.

This initiative aims to benefit students with lower tuition costs, hands-on learning, and increased job opportunities, reducing the university’s reliance on philanthropy and tuition.

University’s Role as a Vibrant Faith Community

Nolan hopes that the university will become a vibrant faith community, drawing in new individuals and inspiring fervency in lukewarm Catholics.

The goal is to create an environment that fosters spiritual growth and encourages conversions.

A Project Guided by Christ: Daily Miracles and Faith Journey

Despite facing challenges, Nolan believes that the university project is guided by Christ.

She emphasizes the daily miracles that reinforce her discernment, viewing the initiative not as her own project but as a project for Christ.

Personal Faith Journey: Overcoming Challenges with Trust in Christ

Nolan shares her personal faith journey, including her struggle with autoimmune arthritis.

Drawing inspiration from St. Joan of Arc’s quote, she emphasizes that the size of the hand holding God’s sword matters not.

Her faith journey led her back to Catholicism, and she aims to foster the same identity in others.

University Approval and the Journey Amid COVID-19 Challenges

The archdiocese granted approval for the university in January 2020, and despite challenges posed by COVID-19, cybersecurity certification classes commenced in September 2020.

The licensing approval process from California took about two years. While a location is identified, details are being finalized, and the university seeks partnerships to reduce tuition costs.

For more information about the California Pacific University (CPU), visit their website here.