Mr Ibu’s Family Faces Police Inquiry Over Alleged Mismanagement of Medical Funds

Mr Ibu’s Family Faces Police Inquiry Over Alleged Mismanagement of Medical Funds

The Police Invitation:

Emeka Chochoo, the former manager of Nollywood actor John Okafor, commonly known as Mr Ibu, has shed light on the recent police invitation of Mr Ibu’s adopted daughter, Jasmine Chioma Okafor, and his two sons, Daniel and Val.

The trio was reportedly summoned for questioning concerning the utilization of funds donated by well-meaning Nigerians for Mr Ibu’s medical treatment.

Allegations and Detainment:

Actress Doris Ogala broke the news, revealing that Jasmine and Mr Ibu’s sons were detained at Alagbon Police Station. Allegations suggested that Jasmine had transferred a substantial sum, estimated at N300 million, from the donation account to her personal account.

These funds were intended for Mr Ibu’s medical expenses following a recent surgery resulting in the amputation of one of his legs.

Family Dispute:

The situation escalated when it was implied that Mr Ibu’s wife, Stella Maris Okafor, played a role in involving the police.

Stella Maris allegedly demanded transparency and accountability regarding the donated funds, accusing Jasmine of diverting the money for personal use. It was further claimed that Stella Maris intended to use the funds to purchase a new house.

Clarification by Emeka Chochoo:

Emeka Chochoo clarified that the police invitation was not tantamount to an arrest and emphasized that the police had summoned Jasmine, Daniel, and Val to inquire about Mr Ibu’s account. Val, recently returned to the country, was reportedly excluded from the situation as he was unaware of the ongoing developments.

Unfolding Controversy:

The controversy surrounding the management of the donated funds took an unexpected turn, given that Mr Ibu’s wife and adopted daughter had previously joined forces to appeal for financial support from Nigerians.

The plea came after Mr Ibu underwent surgery, and the actor’s health challenges prompted an outpouring of generosity from well-wishers.