Comatose Teen Stranded Abroad: Family Desperately Seeks Funds for Medical Flight Home

Comatose Teen Stranded Abroad: Family Desperately Seeks Funds for Medical Flight Home

…By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media. Bryony Duthie, an 18-year-old with a rare chronic kidney condition, is currently in a coma in Spain after contracting pneumonia during a holiday trip with her family on the Costa Del Sol.


The Duthie family now faces a desperate situation, having already spent £33,000 to arrange a medical flight to bring her back home to Dundee, Scotland.

Since July 16, Miss Duthie has been under the care of doctors at a private hospital in Spain.

Although she briefly regained consciousness on Friday, she unfortunately slipped back into a coma.


The medical team at Vithas Xanit International Hospital Benalmadena has been unable to remove her from life support, leaving her family deeply worried.

Efforts to Bring Bryony Home

The family’s primary goal is to have Bryony flown from Malaga to Dundee on July 27 via an IAS Medical plane.

This aircraft is equipped like an intensive care unit to ensure she stays alive throughout the journey.

Despite finding a flight company willing to undertake the transportation, the scheduled flight is not until next Thursday.

Bryony’s mother, Stephanie Duthie, is anxious to get her home as soon as possible, stating, “I’m just in a million pieces.


We just need to get her home.

The hospital has told us that they want her to be ventilated when she flies.”

Funding the Costly Journey

To cover the expenses, the Duthie family has set up a fundraising page, which has already exceeded £50,000 in donations.

In addition to the £33,000 for the medical flight, the family faces an estimated medical bill of 27,000 euros (£23,400) for nine more days of private healthcare in Spain, on top of the already substantial charges for her initial hospitalization and treatment.

Challenges and Worries

Doctors have been cautiously trying to awaken Bryony from the coma, but there is a constant fear that she may suffer another seizure at any moment.


Stephanie Duthie expressed her concern about the potential need to move Bryony to a state hospital in Spain if they cannot afford to keep her in private care.

The costs of keeping her in private care are substantial, amounting to around three thousand pounds per day.

A Grateful Mother

Despite the difficult circumstances, Stephanie Duthie expressed her gratitude to the public for their overwhelming support and generosity.

She thanked everyone who has donated or shared their story, emphasizing the deep appreciation felt by her and her family for the immense outpouring of kindness.

The family’s journey to bring Bryony back home safely continues, as they strive to provide her with the best possible care and support during this challenging time.


The GoFundMe page remains active for those who wish to contribute to their cause.


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