United Nations warns against Mismanagement, Misuse of Land Resources

United Nations warns against Mismanagement, Misuse of Land Resources

The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) has warned against the mismanagement and misuse of land resources – soil, water and biodiversity to avoid increased food supply disruptions, forced migration, rapid biodiversity loss and species extinction.

The UN agency, in its new report titled, “Global Land Outlook 2 (GLO2)”, said land and resource rights, secured through enforceable laws and well trusted institutions, can transform underperforming land assets into sustainable development opportunities and help maintain equitable and cohesive societies.

Speaking on the report, the Executive Secretary of UNCCD, Ibrahim Thiaw, said: “Modern agriculture has altered the face of the planet more than any other human activity.

“We need to urgently rethink our global food systems, which are responsible for 80 percent of deforestation, 70 percent of freshwater use and the single greatest cause of terrestrial biodiversity loss.

“Investing in large-scale land restoration is a powerful and cost-effective tool to combat desertification, soil erosion and loss of agricultural production.

“As a finite resource and our most valuable natural asset, we cannot afford to continue taking land for granted.”

Meanwhile, the GLO2 report offers an overview of unprecedented breadth, projecting the planetary consequences of three scenarios through 2050: business as usual, restoration of 50 million square kilometres of land and restoration measures augmented by the conservation of natural areas important for specific ecosystem functions.

It also assesses the potential contributions of land restoration investments to climate change mitigation, biodiversity conservation, poverty reduction, human health and other key sustainable development goals.

Source: Agro Nigeria

United Nations warns against Mismanagement, Misuse of Land Resources Thank You