Controversial Lagos Socialite Sam Larry Speaks Out on Mohbad’s Death


Controversial Lagos socialite Balogun Eletu, also known as Sam Larry, has provided his side of the story regarding the ongoing feud and alleged assault involving the late singer Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad.

The embattled show promoter shared details in a statement released following his arrest by the police.

Background of the Dispute:

Money Owed and Unpaid Debt Sam Larry revealed that the constant feud with Mohbad stemmed from the singer owing him money and refusing to repay it.

According to him, he had given Mohbad N2 million for a performance at his mother’s annual remembrance concert in Ikorodu two years ago.

When the singer didn’t show up, Sam Larry asked for a refund, but Mohbad claimed he lost his phone and money during an NDLEA raid, leaving him financially unstable.

Attempt to Retrieve the Money:

Persistent Efforts for Reimbursement The statement further highlighted that Sam Larry attempted to retrieve the owed funds when he learned that Mohbad was shooting a music video near his residence.

An argument ensued, and even one of Mohbad’s friends indicated the intention to repay the money. However, to date, no payment has been made, and the dispute persisted.

Clarification on His Whereabouts:

Absence During Mohbad’s Passing Sam Larry clarified that he had been out of the country in Kenya since August, actively seeking new African talents for an upcoming concert.

He stated that he had no knowledge of Mohbad’s activities or whereabouts during this period.

He denied any involvement in the singer’s death and emphasized that he knew nothing about the situation leading to Mohbad’s sudden demise.

Maintaining Innocence:

Denial of Fleeing and Involvement in Death In conclusion, Sam Larry asserted that he did not flee the country, and he had no connection to Mohbad’s death.

He expressed that he had faced financial losses before and considered this an unresolved debt dispute. He voluntarily provided his side of the story and refuted any involvement in the singer’s passing.


Sam Larry’s statement sheds light on the financial dispute that contributed to the ongoing controversy surrounding the late singer Mohbad.

The situation remains under investigation, with both sides presenting their perspectives on the matter.

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