Funke Akindele Advises Young Artists on Contracts in the Entertainment Industry

Funke Akindele Advises Young Artists on Contracts in the Entertainment Industry


Funke Akindele, a prominent Nollywood actress and politician, has offered valuable advice to aspiring and emerging artists in the entertainment industry.

She shared her insights at the premiere of the Prime Video Five Part mini-series, “She Must be Obeyed,” which centers around the challenges faced by young musicians.

The Importance of Understanding Contracts:

Key Message to Young Artists Funke Akindele emphasized the significance of young and up-and-coming artists thoroughly understanding their contracts with record labels.

She stressed that delving into the details of these agreements is crucial for their career development and protection.

Educating Young Artists:

Empowering the Next Generation Akindele underscored the need for education, patience, and careful consideration among artists in their pursuit of fame.

She highlighted the hunger among young talents to showcase their abilities but urged them to take the time to study their contracts, seek legal advice, and engage experienced mentors or family members.

The Series: “She Must be Obeyed”:

Addressing Industry Realities The mini-series, “She Must be Obeyed,” serves as a platform for addressing the challenges and competitions prevalent in the entertainment industry.

Akindele noted that the series provides a window into the music industry’s dynamics and how young talents navigate the complexities.

Key Themes in the Series:

Competition, Drama, and More The series explores themes such as competition, drama, fashion, and music, offering a glimpse into the experiences of young artists striving to make their mark.

It also sheds light on the presence of bullies and rivalries within the industry’s hierarchy.

Educational and Entertaining:

An Eye-Opening Experience Funke Akindele emphasized that “She Must be Obeyed” is not only entertaining but also educational.

It offers insights into the challenges faced by emerging musicians while providing an engaging viewing experience.

Ensemble Cast and Storyline:

Bringing the Series to Life The mini-series features a talented ensemble cast, including Funke Akindele, Lateef Adedimeji, Nancy Isime, Akah Anani, Patience Ozokwo, Mike Ezuronye, Rachael Okonkwo, and others.

It weaves a narrative around the lives of three successful music stars, their rivalries, and the intrigues they employ to outshine one another.


Funke Akindele’s advice to young artists, coupled with the themes explored in “She Must be Obeyed,” aims to empower the next generation of musicians with the knowledge and awareness necessary to succeed in the competitive entertainment industry.