Bolanle Olukanni Advocates for Abstinence: Sex and Its Impact on Relationships

Renowned media personality, Bolanle Olukanni, once again emphasized the significance of abstinence and its impact on romantic relationships.

Using her Twitter platform, she shared her views on how sexual intimacy can complicate relationships, hinder clear judgment, and affect emotional connections.

Bolanle’s stance revolves around the belief that sex is more than a physical act, with its primary purpose being to strengthen the bond between individuals deeply in love.

Sex as a Complicating Factor:

Bolanle underlines the idea that engaging in sexual activities can introduce complications into relationships.

Her Twitter posts highlight the potential pitfalls of sex, where it becomes challenging to see things clearly and make informed decisions.

She challenges the prevailing notion that sex is merely a casual encounter, asserting that its true essence lies in deepening the connection with a loved one.

The Deeper Bond of Sex:

Contrary to the common belief among today’s youth that sex is a casual pursuit, Bolanle contends that it extends beyond physical closeness.

She emphasizes the existence of a profound emotional bond that should be acknowledged and valued. Bolanle shares her perspective on the enduring significance of the emotional connection created through sexual intimacy.

Bolanle’s Personal Experience with Abstinence:

Bolanle also draws from her personal journey with abstinence to support her viewpoint. She claims that practicing abstinence enables her to make relationship decisions more efficiently and rationally.

By shifting the focus from physical encounters to meaningful conversations and character assessments, she discovers a stronger sense of connection.

Prioritizing Emotional Factors:

In her Twitter posts, Bolanle emphasizes that sex should not be a distracting force in relationships. Instead, she advocates for a focus on meaningful conversations, understanding how one is treated, and evaluating a person’s character.

According to her, these aspects are the ones that stand the test of time.

Bolanle’s Confidence in Abstinence:

Expressing self-love and unwavering confidence in her stance, Bolanle asserts that abstinence is the right approach when getting to know someone.

She acknowledges that some may view her perspective as unconventional, but she remains steadfast in her belief that abstinence is essential to avoid being deceived by hormonal impulses.


Bolanle Olukanni’s

candid Twitter posts shed light on her perspective regarding abstinence and its impact on relationships. Her viewpoint underscores the importance of clear thinking, emotional connections, and character assessment in building lasting and meaningful bonds with partners.

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