White House official claims that Biden DID bring up ‘democratic governance’ difficulties in discussions with Modi

After the Indian government removes slums to clean up New Delhi for the G20 summit, a White House official claims that Biden DID bring up ‘democratic governance’ difficulties in their discussion.

For the summit gathering, the authorities spent months cleaning up the city.Work includes demolishing slums on public property.

Businesses are closed and stray dogs are removed.

According to a White House official, President Joe Biden brought up unnamed democratic issues during his meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, amid worries over press freedoms and democratic “backsliding.”

During his first meeting with the Indian leader, who is accused of reducing democratic expression and safeguards even as he enjoys enormous popularity in his nation, Biden did bring up the sensitive subject, according to principal deputy national security adviser Jon Finer, who is accompanying the president on his trip.

Nearly 130,000 police and paramilitaries were on duty in New Delhi on Saturday as the leaders of the world’s leading industrial nations met there.

Stores and restaurants have been closed, and normally congested streets are almost completely empty.

In the weeks leading up to the event, city officials demolished slums that were situated on public property and worked to remove stray dogs and monkeys from the streets.

After the White House released a comprehensive policy statement on the topics the two men addressed, Finer wouldn’t disclose whether Biden specifically brought up the slum clearance when questioned about it.

“What I will say is that the kind of democratic governance both in the world and in each of our countries is a core aspect of the US-India bilateral relationship, and both Prime Minister Modi and President Biden have said that, meaning that those issues are very much on the agenda in every one of their conversations,” said the president.

After releasing a joint statement with 29 points, he would not, however, reveal which topics they truly covered.

Finer stated that he wouldn’t “explain what was covered” issue-by-issue.

In section two of the statement, the leaders’re-emphasized that the common principles of freedom, democracy, human rights, inclusiveness, pluralism, and equal opportunity for all citizens are vital to the success our countries enjoy and that these values strengthen our relationship.’

It would be “misleading,” he claimed, to say which difficulties they could address.

What I will say is that the broad category of concern — democratic governance in the US and India — that this falls under was very much on the agenda.

This statement implies that concerns about democracy in the United States are comparable to those in India.

Even while he enjoys widespread support, Modi is accused of leading a “cult of personality,” eroding judicial independence, and stoking religious conflict.

Meanwhile, as the former president of the United States confronts numerous criminal prosecutions, January 6 and political tensions have damaged the country’s own reputation for stability.

NSC staffer Kurt Campbell urged ‘a degree of humility given some of the issues that we’ve encountered in our own country as well’ during a briefing on Thursday, warning against ‘lecturing’ the emerging power.

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