Rishi Sunak jokes with US President Biden as world leaders discuss Ukraine, climate change, and inflation at the G20 in India

Rishi Sunak jokes with US President Biden as world leaders discuss Ukraine, climate change, and inflation at the G20 in India

Joe, hey! While world leaders discuss Ukraine, climate change, and inflation at the G20 in India, Rishi Sunak jokes with US President Biden.

At the G20 conference in India, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was spotted laughing with US President Joe Biden while world leaders knuckled down to talk about pressing topics including the Ukraine, climate change, and the high rate of inflation around the world.

As they sat in their respective chairs in preparation for the first day of meetings in New Delhi, which brings together major international powers to discuss issues affecting the world today, Mr. Sunak, 43, and Mr. Biden, 80, could be seen laughing together.

One Earth, One Family, One Future is the theme of the summit, which is taking place today and tomorrow, and Ukraine is anticipated to be a major topic of discussion.

Even though Japan, China, Canada, and the European Union are also G20 members, Russia’s premier Vladimir Putin will not be at the India meeting.

In his place, he dispatched Sergei Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, which is not likely to win over those hoping for an end to the 18-month battle.

On Saturday, Mr. Sunak and his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi met for talks.

Images of the meeting show the two leaders hugging and patting one another on the back.It is so good to be here, the PM said to Mr. Modi.

The British Prime Minister reportedly made a remark to the host venue, the $300 million (£240 million) Bharat Mandapam conference complex in New Delhi, saying, “It is excellent, everything is excellent.”

Absolutely gorgeous describes this. It appears gorgeous.

Everyone is happy and proud, and it looks fantastic.

According to broadcast footage, Mr. Modi urged the cameras to stay in the room longer as the two spoke.

Mr. Sunak informed Mr. Modi that his girls had been following the accomplishment of India’s moon landing mission and that “everyone was buzzing.”

‘As I mentioned in there, it is a historic moment for India but also for the world in the way that you’ve done it,’ he continued.

During the bilateral discussion, the parties were supposed to talk about the negotiations around a prospective free trade agreement between the UK and India after Brexit.

The gathering was not publicly accessible to the press, and Indian organisers surprisingly barred British media from attending the opening comments.

As other global summit concerns like climate change, infrastructure, and third-world debt compete for attention, the Ukraine itself issue has separated governments.

India has refrained from condemning Moscow for the invasion of the nation, instead advocating for diplomatic and diplomatic solutions.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, was not invited to the Indian round-table despite having attended the G20 summit in Indonesia last year as a guest.

In a joint declaration from the conference the previous year, it was noted that “there were other views” on Russia’s invasion.

If the joint leaders’ statement does not accurately reflect Russia’s position on Ukraine, Mr. Lavrov has vowed to veto it.

Russian withdrawal from a deal arranged by the UN and Turkey to guarantee the safe passage of Ukrainian grain over the Black Sea has drawn criticism.

In a statement released prior to the G20 summit, Mr. Sunak criticised the absence of the Russian president from India.

He also disclosed plans to increase assistance for Ukrainian exports to food-insecure nations, including a summit with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in November and £3 million in funding for the World Food Programme.

Vladimir Putin is once again absent from the G20, according to Mr. Sunak.

By isolating himself in his presidential palace and avoiding criticism and reality, he has created his own diplomatic exile.

The remaining members of the G20 are proving that we will show up and cooperate to clean up the debris left by Putin, in the meantime.

Dealing with the awful worldwide repercussions of Putin’s hegemony over the most basic resources, especially his embargo of and attacks on Ukrainian grain, must come first.

The PM will talk at the event on Saturday about how to address the war in Ukraine, climate change, and lowering inflation in the global economy, according to the PM’s official spokesperson.

In Delhi, a 20 million-person city, stores, offices, and schools have been closed, and traffic has been restricted as part of security measures to ensure the smooth operation of the most important conference the nation will hold.

Monkeys and stray dogs have been removed from the streets, and slums have been destroyed.

In the meantime, Mr. Sunak has told reporters he is “fired up” to fight the upcoming general election at home, despite rumblings from fellow Tories that failure at the polls is certain.

Due to recent scandals like the school concrete disaster, Labour has been consistently leading the Conservatives by double digits.

We have plenty of time before the next election, Mr. Sunak stated as he and his wife Akshata Murty touched down in India.

Although there is still much work to be done, I am very convinced that we can meet the needs of the people.

And I can assure you that we are fired up, at least in Downing Street.

The parents and in-laws of Mr. Sunak are vacationing in Bangalore, which is located 1,300 miles away in the south of the country.

They are in Bangalore, and his parents are with them, a Downing Street source informed the PA news agency.

The Murtys are not present.

The G20 has nothing to do with it.

An ancient Sanskrit term for the nation, “Bharat,” has been used by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address the summit.

This has been viewed as a sign that the nation may be able to shed one of its remaining ties to the British occupation of it.

His Hindu nationalist party has fought against adopting the name “India,” which has Western ancient roots, in prior campaigns.

His administration has made an effort to eradicate any traces of British domination from the nation’s urban landscape, governmental institutions, and historical texts.

The African Union, a 55-nation organisation modelled after the EU, was also given permanent membership status in the G20 on Saturday.

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