Prince Charles Exhibits ‘Royal Coolness’ Amid Attempted Shooting in Sydney by Student David Kang

Prince Charles Exhibits ‘Royal Coolness’ Amid Attempted Shooting in Sydney by Student David Kang

Assassination Attempt on Prince Charles in Sydney: A 30-Year Anniversary

Thirty years ago today, the then Prince of Wales, Charles, narrowly escaped a potential tragedy when 23-year-old student David Kang fired a starting pistol at him in Sydney.

The incident, though non-lethal, left the world in suspense, contemplating what could have transpired if Kang had more sinister intentions.

Prince Charles’ Remarkable Composure

During the Australia Day event, Prince Charles, in Sydney to mark the occasion, displayed remarkable calmness as Kang, who is now a barrister, was swiftly subdued after firing two shots.

Dubbed ‘His Royal Coolness,’ Charles brushed off the incident and continued his speech at Sydney’s Tumbalong Park.

The Motivation Behind the Stunt

Kang later revealed that he staged the incident to draw attention to the plight of Cambodian asylum seekers in detention camps in Australia.

Despite his intentions, he was arrested, found guilty of threatening unlawful violence, and sentenced to 500 hours of community service.

Dramatic Footage and Bodyguard Heroics

Video footage captured Charles’ reaction to the shots before Kang, dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans, rushed onto the stage.

The King’s bodyguard, Superintendent Colin Trimming, swiftly moved Charles out of harm’s way and then returned to assess the threat posed by the gunman.

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner praised the bodyguard for his quick response.

Security Lapse and Aftermath

Following the incident, there were discussions and finger-pointing over the security lapse.

The Palace was reportedly reluctant to have police placed between Charles and the public.

The then Metropolitan Police Commissioner took comfort in Superintendent Trimming’s immediate action.

Potential Succession Scenario if Tragedy Struck

Had Kang used real bullets and succeeded in harming Charles, Prince William, then 11 years old, would have become the Queen’s heir.

If Queen Elizabeth II had not reigned for 70 years and passed away before Prince William’s 18th birthday, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, would have headed a regency until his nephew came of age.

Reflections on Kang’s Life After the Incident

In 2015, Kang’s mother disclosed that her son, described as a ‘good boy,’ was married with two children and working as a barrister in Sydney.

Kang himself had previously recounted the stunt, emphasizing that he had no intention to hurt anyone during the incident.

Charles’ History of Being Targeted

This was not the first time Prince Charles had been targeted by a protestor.

In 2001, a schoolgirl in Latvia slapped him with a rose, resulting in charges that were later downgraded due to Charles’ plea for leniency.

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