Charles “overruled Prince William and ordered the Royal Family to accept Prince Andrew back into the fold,”

Despite opposition from Prince William, King Charles ultimately decided to reinstate Prince Andrew into the royal family.It follows reports that the Duke of York was seen out in public with Prince William.Written by: Eirian Prosser, Jane Last modified at 04:51 EDT on August 30, 2023

According to rumors, King Charles reinstated the disgraced Duke of York into the royal family despite objections from Prince William.In what has been called a “public statement of togetherness,” the future King drove Prince Andrew to a church service in Balmoral as the Princess of Wales sat in the backseat.

The Duke’s 63-year-old campaign for a comeback to public life received a major boost from the outing, which was widely documented. Prince Andrew, who lost his formal duties during the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal, is reportedly being called on by the monarch to be welcomed back into the family – both officially and personally.

Reports indicate that King George VI has spoken with his brother on multiple occasions and decided that, while his brother should not return to active royal duty, he should be welcomed back into the family. One person said that after the King’s about-face, Prince William’s “wings” were “clipped somewhat,” because the prince had no interest in being seen with Prince Andrew in public except for the late queen’s funeral and the new king’s coronation.

An insider at Balmoral told the Mirror that there was some misunderstanding over how Andrew would get to the Scottish service last Sunday, while the royal family was on vacation. It was’more than he could have wished for,’ they said, for him to be able to accompany the future King and Queen on their journey.When Andrew paid Virginia Giuffre a whopping £12 million to settle her sexual assault allegations against him, both Prince William and King Charles persuaded the late Queen to remove him as a military titleholder and charity patron. All along, he has maintained his innocence.

He was able to dodge a full trial in a US court after making the money, and Prince William reputedly threatened to boycott the Garter Parade at Windsor Castle if his uncle were permitted to participate.According to reports, the late monarch had wanted her second eldest son to join, but King Charles and Prince William had prevented this out of fear of a “backlash” from the people.According to the source, William has little interest in publicly spending time with Prince Andrew outside of special occasions like Christmas at Sandringham and the King’s Coronation.

Labour MP for York Central Rachael Maskell, who introduced legislation to deprive the Duke of his royal title, has spoken out against efforts to improve the public’s perception of Prince Andrew. When asked about Prince Andrew’s suspected sexual misconduct against vulnerable women, she responded, “Any rehabilitation process in terms of a public role for Prince Andrew would be unpalatable.”

We need to protect women’s rights, but I don’t see any reason to believe Prince Andrew would make that a top priority if he returned to public service in any capacity.There will be “no change in tack” about the Prince’s royal status, according to sources, and the King is “absolutely resolute” that the Prince will not return to royal duties.He has always made it clear that the Duke is a much-loved member of the family, but it does not mean there will be a change in tack when it comes to his royal status, a source told the Telegraph earlier this week.

The King reportedly extended an olive branch to the Duke of York by inviting him on the royal family’s summer excursion to Balmoral.Clearly designed to send a’message of family unity,’ the images of Prince Andrew and the Waleses on their way to church were praised by royal critic Richard Fitzwilliams in MailOnline.However, he stressed this in no way signaled Andrew’s return to official capacities.

The royal family is in mourning during their annual vacation at Balmoral. Soon, they and the rest of the country will be marking one year since the Queen’s death, Mr. Fitzwilliams added.We all know how close Andrew and the late Queen were because of his controversial presence at the Duke of Edinburgh’s Memorial Service in March 2022, when he allegedly helped steady the monarch while she consoled him emotionally and financially.It has been said that he has had his allowance reduced.

It was said that his residency at Windsor’s Royal Lodge was in jeopardy.According to reports, he is also trying to get the royal protection from the police that he lost when he gave up his throne.Mr. Fitzwilliams, though, continued, “It is important to stress that there is no possibility, as King Charles and Prince William have always realized, of him returning to public duties in any form.”The polls show the public’s true feelings on this topic with a simple peek at his 0% favorability.The images we see today are such a public declaration of togetherness; but, what is being emphasized is harmony on a personal level, and obviously he and his immediate family, who are also at Balmoral, will appreciate this very much.William took his uncle in the front seat of a Land Rover Defender while he and the Princess of Wales rode in the back. After the ceremony, the passengers switched places.

A ‘Tory grandee’ had previously been revealed to have privately pleaded with Home Secretary Suella Braverman to reinstate Andrew’s £3 million yearly police guards, prompting this public appearance. After the duke lost his 24-hour armed detectives due to the Epstein affair, the Mail on Sunday said that the top Tory’sidled up’ to Mrs. Braverman to argue his case. The senior Tory, a knight, is reportedly one of several prominent figures recruited by the Duke. Someone else allegedly sent a message to Mrs. Braverman.According to the report, nobody’s willing to compromise. The royal residences of Buckingham and Kensington both declined to comment.

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