Liz Jones Chronicles Meghan Markle’s Journey Amidst Intense Online Abuse

Liz Jones Chronicles Meghan Markle’s Journey Amidst Intense Online Abuse

A Supporter’s Journey with Meghan Markle

Journalist Liz Jones, like many, initially welcomed Meghan Markle into the Royal family, drawn by Prince Harry’s happiness.

Jones defended Meghan during early controversies and admired her initiatives, such as aiding Grenfell fire victims and showcasing personal style.

Turning Point: Meghan’s TV Interview and the Netflix Series

Jones, however, witnessed her enthusiasm waning after Meghan’s TV interview where she expressed being ‘not okay.’

The turning point was Meghan’s extravagant curtsey in the 2023 Netflix series, seemingly mocking the Queen.

Jones also expressed displeasure at Meghan’s fans attacking Kate during her hospital recovery.

Online Abuse Takes a Toll on Meghan’s Mental Health

Jones admitted skepticism when Meghan revealed feeling suicidal to Oprah Winfrey but now acknowledges the impact of relentless online abuse.

Amidst the recent trolling after Harry and Meghan’s trip to Jamaica, Jones believes the intensity of the attacks could genuinely harm Meghan’s well-being.

The Power of Online Hate and its Consequences

While in Jamaica, Harry and Meghan faced an escalation in trolling. Social media posts enlarged and annotated their photos, focusing on supposed flaws.

Jones highlights the unrelenting barrage of abuse, describing it as more dangerous than traditional paparazzi, and emphasizes the potential tragic consequences for Meghan.

The Disturbing Nature of Online Attacks

The online abuse against Meghan has reached unprecedented levels, surpassing even the vitriol aimed at controversial figures like vivisectionists or paedophiles.

Comments about Meghan’s appearance and family are described as unprintable, underscoring the disturbing nature of the attacks.

The Threat to Mental Health and Call for Action

Jones draws attention to the potential destructiveness of online trolls, emphasizing that the rise of anonymous, unfettered, and unregulated abuse could lead to tragic outcomes.

The journalist, drawing from personal experiences with online threats, calls for an end to the relentless trolling faced by Meghan Markle.