The Rise of a Nigerian Bodyguard Turned Online Sensation

Kelvin Power: The Unusual Bodyguard Sensation

Atobiloye Kelvin, widely known as Kelvin Power, has swiftly become an internet sensation, gaining massive attention and popularity owing to his distinct physique and captivating persona, despite his primary role as a renowned Nigerian bodyguard.

Unconventional Viral Moments

Kelvin Power’s rise to online fame reached new heights when a video of him accompanying his boss, Kizz Daniel, at a Lagos event went viral.

The footage captured Kelvin in an unconventional manner, garnering considerable attention and intrigue from online audiences.

Controversy Surrounding Endorsement Deal

Recent online uproar emerged as Kelvin Power announced his ambassadorship deal with a hotel, triggering mixed reactions among netizens.

While some congratulated him on this achievement, others pointed out the perceived disparity between his newfound success and his association with Kizz Daniel, suggesting that his improved status might be owed to his affiliation with the artist.

Responses to the Endorsement

Netizens flooded Kelvin Power’s post with diverse reactions. From congratulatory messages celebrating his achievement to critical voices questioning the sincerity behind his success, the responses reflect a range of opinions and sentiments within the online community.

Varied Reactions and Support

The comments on Kelvin Power’s announcement exhibit a blend of encouragement, skepticism, and admiration from social media users.

Some praised his accomplishments and wished him continued success, while others expressed skepticism about the sustainability of his newfound status.