Hair Vendor Jennifer Diala Explains Controversial Hair Cutting Video

A Hair Vendor’s Response to Backlash Over Hair Cutting Video

Addressing the Controversy

Jennifer Diala, a well-known hair vendor, has issued a response to the criticism she received following a viral video in which she was seen cutting a portion of an Asian girl’s hair for sale.

The video, which gained significant attention on social media, led to calls for her arrest.

Seeking Clarity

In her Instagram video posted on Tuesday, Diala explained the circumstances surrounding the hair cutting incident and urged Nigerians to gather more information before passing judgment.

She emphasized that she has been involved in the hair business for a decade and that her actions in the video were solely related to her business operations.

The Business Perspective

Diala clarified that the hair cutting was strictly a business transaction.

Her partner in the video also contributed to the explanation by highlighting the fact that the individuals whose hair is collected, often referred to as “raw hair donors,” are compensated for their contributions.

The Misunderstanding

Diala expressed her frustration with the public’s reaction, especially the notion that she had mistreated a child.

She stressed the importance of asking questions and gathering information before making accusations.

She also provided insights into the hair trade in Vietnam, where hair sales are a substantial part of the local economy.

Business Experience and Ethical Practices

Jennifer Diala shared her extensive experience in the hair industry, having sourced hair from various countries, including India, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

She has undertaken tours to study the hair business and has devoted many years to mastering the trade.

She emphasized that her involvement in the hair business is not a problem but rather a means to beautify individuals.

Clarifying the Hair Cutting Incident

Diala clarified that she did not randomly encounter the child and cut her hair.

Instead, the child’s mother brought her with the intention of cutting her hair, and Diala assisted in this process.

She emphasized that everything related to the hair business is conducted as part of a commercial exchange, and nothing is done without compensation.

Jennifer Diala’s intent was to shed light on the context of the video and educate Nigerians about the hair industry’s practices and the business of beautifying people.

Jennifer Diala’s response aims to provide context to the controversial video and shed light on the hair industry’s dynamics.

She emphasizes the commercial nature of her actions and the compensation provided to hair donors, which is a common practice in the industry.

Diala’s video addresses the public’s concerns and seeks to clarify any misconceptions regarding her business operations.

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