Burna Boy’s Culinary Choices: Eba and Egusi Soup Triumph Over Foreign Delicacies


Burna Boy, the acclaimed Nigerian Afrobeat sensation, recently ignited a social media storm when he unabashedly rejected a foreign delicacy in favor of his beloved Nigerian dishes.

The singer’s culinary preferences took center stage during a food testing interview with LADbible, where he made headlines for his distinctive choices.

Cauliflower Cheese vs. Jollof Rice:

In the initial round of meals, Burna Boy was presented with Jollof rice and cauliflower cheese. The defining moment of the interview occurred when the singer categorically rejected cauliflower cheese, expressing his disdain for its taste without even trying it.

The incident quickly garnered attention, sparking discussions about cultural tastes and individual preferences.

Pot Noodles and Eba with Egusi Soup:

The second round featured a face-off between Pot Noodles and Eba with Egusi Soup. Burna Boy, known for his candidness, tasted the Pot Noodles and candidly remarked that a special sauce would be necessary to pair it with Jollof Rice.

However, the highlight of this round was Burna Boy’s unreserved embrace of Eba and Egusi Soup. Opting not just to taste but to devour the dish, the artist showcased his unwavering love for traditional Nigerian cuisine.

Jollof Rice Reigns Supreme:

During the interview, Burna Boy shared that his favorite food is Jollof rice, further emphasizing his connection to Nigerian culinary delights.

The singer’s authentic and unfiltered reactions to the various dishes not only entertained viewers but also stirred conversations about cultural identity and the significance of traditional foods in shaping individual tastes.

Online Uproar and Viral Reception:

The rejection of cauliflower cheese and the celebration of Eba and Egusi Soup quickly became viral moments, prompting social media users to share their thoughts on Burna Boy’s culinary choices. Fans and followers engaged in discussions about the impact of cultural influences on personal preferences, turning the interview into a trending topic online.


Burna Boy’s culinary adventure with LADbible not only showcased his unapologetic stance on food preferences but also sparked a broader conversation about the intersection of culture and taste.

The artist’s choice to embrace Nigerian cuisine over foreign alternatives resonated with many, underscoring the cultural significance of food in shaping individual identities.

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