Tragedy Strikes: Explosion Claims Lives of Elite Russian Marines in Ammunition Mishap

Tragedy Strikes: Explosion Claims Lives of Elite Russian Marines in Ammunition Mishap


In a tragic incident that Russian authorities sought to conceal, a dozen elite marines lost their lives and eight more were wounded during a lunchtime cookout at the Kuzminsky military training ground in the Rostov region.

The explosion, triggered by an open fire near live ammunition, has raised questions about safety protocols and led to a major cover-up attempt.

The Explosive Lunchtime Cookout:

The ill-fated cookout involved around 20 people from the 155th Separate Guards Marine Brigade, based in Vladivostok, who lit a fire next to stocks of ammunition during their lunch break.

An RPG-7 grenade launcher shell caught fire and exploded, resulting in the death of eight marines on the spot. Four more succumbed to injuries in the hospital, marking a devastating loss for the Primorye region of Russia.

Attempted Cover-Up and Official Silence:

Despite efforts to suppress information, the humiliating tragedy was confirmed by three independent sources, shedding light on the incident that occurred on November 3.

The deceased and wounded individuals remain unnamed, and a major criminal case has been initiated to investigate the suspected breach of safety regulations. The Russian defense ministry and Investigative Committee have yet to comment on the incident.

Previous Incidents and Safety Concerns:

This unfortunate event echoes previous incidents where Russian soldiers faced fatal consequences due to mishandling explosives.

In February, soldiers in Kursk faced a similar fate when using a cooking stove, and earlier in January, a sergeant accidentally detonated a grenade in a dorm, causing casualties and a significant explosion. These incidents highlight ongoing concerns about safety practices within the Russian military.

Command Response and Safety Measures:

Admiral Viktor Liina, the commander of the Pacific Fleet, reportedly visited the training base to address the blunder and emphasize the importance of safety.

The incident has prompted questions about the readiness of the troops, who were believed to be scheduled for deployment in Putin’s contentious war in Ukraine.


The explosive lunchtime mishap at the Kuzminsky military training ground underscores the severe consequences of lax safety practices.

As investigations unfold and authorities face scrutiny, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks faced by military personnel and the critical importance of stringent safety measures in handling live ammunition.

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