From Reggae to Afrobeat: Burna Boy’s Urban Tale in “City Boys”


Burna Boy Returns with “City Boys”: A Dive into Urban Life Through Music

Burna Boy, the iconic figure in Afro-fusion known for his distinctive fusion of reggae, dancehall, and Afrobeat, is back on the music scene with his latest offering, “City Boys.”

This track, characterized by its infectious beats and relatable lyrics, vividly portrays the urban experience, its allure, and the associated challenges.

Lyric Analysis

Setting the Tone: J Hus’ opening lines highlight self-assurance and the magnetism of city life, setting the stage for a deep exploration of the emotions and experiences tied to urban living.

Burna Boy’s Reflections: Burna Boy’s verses strike a balance between self-confidence and introspection.

He narrates tales of the women in his life, extravagant parties, and a life of luxury. Yet, he doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the superficiality of it all.

Lines like “Zero Snapchat, zero Instagram posting” hint at the transient nature of fame and the constant quest for validation in the digital age.

The Catchy Chorus: The chorus, “Mi o fa’gbo lo rado… That’s the life of a city boy,” encapsulates the song’s core. It captures the essence of city life, portraying the relentless pursuit of success, the hustle, and the grind.

Musical Composition

Afrobeat Infusion: The track is infused with the signature Afrobeat rhythms synonymous with Burna Boy’s style. These rhythms infuse the song with a contagious energy that’s impossible not to groove to.

Vocals and Collaboration: Burna Boy’s smooth vocals seamlessly complement the beats. The inclusion of J Hus in the intro and outro adds depth to the track, bridging the gap between Afrobeat and UK grime.

Critic’s Corner

Familiar Themes: While “City Boys” undeniably catches the ear and resonates with many, it traverses familiar territory.

Burna Boy has frequently explored themes of fame, city life, and the challenges of success in his earlier works. This song, in many ways, feels like a continuation of those themes without offering a significant departure.

Lack of Depth: The song hints at the shallowness of social media and the ceaseless grind of city life but falls short of delving into the emotional and psychological toll that such a lifestyle can take.

Final Thoughts

“City Boys” is a dynamic track that captures the essence of urban existence. Burna Boy’s distinctive voice and the infectious Afrobeat rhythms make it an essential listen.

However, for those well-versed in Burna Boy’s discography, the song might come across as somewhat repetitive in its thematic content. Nevertheless, it’s a track bound to find its place in playlists and dance floors worldwide.

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