Welsh Reservoir Sparks Concern as Water Levels Lowered for Refurbishment Work

Welsh Reservoir Sparks Concern as Water Levels Lowered for Refurbishment Work

…By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media. A Welsh reservoir, Llyn Peris, located near Llanberis in Gwynedd, has caught the attention of passersby due to its partially empty appearance, sparking concerns about the early signs of drought.


However, the reason behind the lowered water levels is not related to a lack of rainfall.

Instead, the reservoir has been deliberately emptied to facilitate refurbishment work.

Dam and Infrastructure Checks Lead to Exposed Sides

To carry out comprehensive inspections of the reservoir’s dam, pipes, and tunnels, the water levels at Llyn Peris have been significantly reduced.

This decision has resulted in a visible exposure of the reservoir’s sides.

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Drilling rigs and plant machinery have been brought to the site to assist with the refurbishment process.

Temporary Water Relocation and Power Generation

With a drop of 14 meters in water levels, Llyn Peris will remain partially empty for approximately 80 days while the refurbishment checks are conducted.


The water has been pumped up to the nearby Marchlyn Mawr reservoir, located at an elevation of 1,757 feet on Elidir Fawr.

This temporary water relocation is necessary to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the hydro plant, which generates electricity when water is released back through the reservoir’s giant pipes.

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Station manager John Armstrong explains that although the current water levels resemble those after a typical overnight pumping operation, the difference lies in the extended duration required for the refurbishment work.

Historical Significance and Operational Excellence

The reservoir at Llyn Peris is an integral part of the larger pumped hydro system at Dinorwig power station, which is currently undergoing repairs to extend its lifespan.

Built over a decade with the assistance of 2,000 locals, the power station, situated beneath Dinorwig Quarry, became operational in 1984.

It is considered one of Britain’s most remarkable engineering achievements and continues to be the country’s fastest source of electricity, capable of powering 1.5 million cups of tea per second.

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While concerns have arisen due to the partially empty appearance of Llyn Peris reservoir, it is important to recognize that the water level reduction is a temporary measure necessary for refurbishment purposes.

The reservoir’s exposed sides, the relocation of water to Marchlyn Mawr, and the ongoing repairs at Dinorwig power station all contribute to the reservoir’s current state.


Once the refurbishment work is complete, the reservoir will return to its normal operating levels and continue its role in the generation of electricity.

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