Senior Welsh Politician Slams Welsh Government for Lack of Wales-Specific Covid Inquiry

…By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media. The most senior Welsh politician in the UK Government has expressed criticism towards the Welsh Government for its failure to establish a Wales-specific Covid inquiry.


Mark Drakeford, who holds significant responsibility for the Covid response in Wales, has consistently rejected calls for an inquiry into the Welsh Government’s handling of the pandemic.

Drakeford argues that comprehending the decisions made in Wales necessitates viewing them within a broader UK-wide context.

However, the families of individuals who lost their lives during the pandemic are outraged, perceiving this as an evasion of scrutiny.


Their poignant stories can be found here.

In a special report by WalesOnline, the various areas that a Wales-specific inquiry should investigate to assess the Welsh Government’s performance are outlined, which can be viewed here.

Secretary of State’s Surprise and Call for Scrutiny:

During his appearance at the Welsh Affairs Committee in London, Secretary of State for Wales, David TC Davies, expressed his astonishment at the Welsh Government’s refusal to conduct a Covid inquiry.

Davies remarked, “This surprises me greatly because it was made very clear to me throughout the period of the pandemic that Wales was going to take full responsibility for its handling of the COVID crisis.”

He further emphasized that since the Welsh Government made distinct decisions from the UK Government, it seems illogical to him that they are unwilling to undertake an inquiry specifically focused on the aspects of the response for which they were fully responsible.


Perceived Lack of Openness and the Need for Scrutiny:

Davies argued that the absence of a Welsh inquiry into the aspects of the Covid response falls in line with a prevailing perception of a lack of transparency in health-related decision-making within Wales.

Citing concerns related to the Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board, Davies stated, “I think that the failure to hold an inquiry in Wales into the aspects of the Covid response for which the Welsh Government took full responsibility will, in some people’s minds, reinforce the feeling that there is a site lack of openness around the way in which the health service is dealt with.”

Call for Greater Scrutiny:

Davies strongly advocated for increased scrutiny, referencing the UK Government’s willingness to face scrutiny for its handling of the Covid pandemic.

He expressed the belief that most governments should demonstrate the same willingness.

Davies contended that if authorities are not prepared to acknowledge and address problems, instead attempting to suppress legitimate criticism, it becomes impossible to fully comprehend and resolve the underlying issues.



The absence of a Wales-specific Covid inquiry has drawn criticism from the most senior Welsh politician in the UK Government.

Mark Drakeford’s rejection of calls for an inquiry based on the argument of a UK-wide context has angered the families of Covid victims who perceive it as an attempt to avoid scrutiny.

Secretary of State David TC Davies expressed surprise and reinforced the need for scrutiny, highlighting the importance of openness in healthcare decision-making.

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