“We got engaged 5 days after we first met and tried for a baby 2 weeks later – now we have a daughter and we’re happier than ever”

“We got engaged 5 days after we first met and tried for a baby 2 weeks later – now we have a daughter and we’re happier than ever”

Couple Gets Engaged and Welcomes Daughter Just Days After Meeting A couple, Jenny Koos, 36, and Lovemark Boadu, 44, hailing from Malmö, Sweden, have shared their unique love story. They met at a party on July 9, 2021, where they were introduced by a mutual DJ friend. Despite only knowing each other for five days, the two felt an immediate connection and were drawn to each other. By the end of the party, they were already discussing the possibility of starting a family together.

Only five days after their initial meeting, Jenny and Lovemark decided to get engaged. They found rings in Jenny’s drawer and made the commitment. Just a week later, they embarked on the journey to conceive a child. In June 2022, they welcomed their daughter, despite facing two early miscarriages along the way.

Jenny, who works as a fertility awareness educator, expressed that their connection was profound from the moment they met. Lovemark, a teacher, shared the sentiment, believing it was a deeper connection at first sight. Both Jenny and Lovemark had previously been through divorces and brought four children from their previous marriages into their relationship.

The couple had been focused on personal growth when they met, and despite their initial intentions, they were captivated by their instant connection. They engaged in deep conversations about their pasts, relationships, and future aspirations during their first meeting. This led them to decide to get engaged within the first night of meeting each other.

Their journey was not without challenges. They experienced two miscarriages before successfully conceiving their daughter in September 2021. However, during a 20-week scan, they were informed of their baby’s heterotaxy syndrome, a rare condition affecting organ positions in the chest and abdomen. This situation strengthened their bond and commitment to each other.

Despite their unconventional path, Jenny and Lovemark consider themselves “married” from the moment they decided to keep their daughter. They haven’t had a formal wedding yet due to their busy lives with their one-year-old daughter, but they hope to celebrate with a big event in the future. They believe their story showcases the possibility of finding happiness and love in unconventional ways and want to inspire others through their journey.