WATCH: Trevor Noah’s best ‘Daily Show’ moments

WATCH: Trevor Noah’s best ‘Daily Show’ moments


With the announcement of Trevor Noah’s departure as host of “The Daily Show” following a successful seven-year run, we reflect on some of his most memorable moments on the program.

Noah impersonates Jay-bodyguard Z’s

A few years ago, Trevor Noah told a humorous story about his 2016 NAACP Image Awards experience with the power couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z. After Beyoncé received the final award of the evening and headed backstage, Noah described how the show quickly ended with Jay-security Z’s on the opposite side of the room. “I saw Jay-Z surrounded by fans,” he explained. “He wants to force his way out, but you’re blocked because everyone is leaving that way. Because he is Jay-Z, Jay-Z cannot force the people. When you have a billion bucks, you cannot push people; everything is a lawsuit waiting to happen.”

Trevor then described how he rescued the day by posing as Jay-bodyguard Z’s and pushing him through the mob until they reached his actual bodyguards.


Kevin Hart Interview regarding his debut on “The Daily Show”

When America was still adjusting to Trevor Noah as the new host of “The Daily Show,” he was also attempting to find his footing and make the most of his debut. What better way to start things off than with the world’s most popular comedian, Kevin Hart?

While his debut was rather rocky, Kevin Hart’s interview was sufficiently assured. Certainly, Hart dominated the majority of the interview and set the pace. Noah, though, held his own and displayed potential during what must have been a nerve-wracking situation.

Noah’s opinion on the first debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

The popularity of Trevor Noah as the host of “The Daily Show” rose in tandem with Donald Trump’s ascent to the presidency. Noah’s commentary on Trump’s unstable and contentious presidency made him the go-to-guy for not only humorous commentary, but also news updates on the Trump administration.

During this episode, Noah effectively placed the tumultuous debate into perspective. Noah correctly stated in his analysis that moderator Chris Wallace was not to fault since “no human being could have been prepared for this,” adding, “They don’t need a moderator for this, they need a UFC ref.”

»WATCH: Trevor Noah’s best ‘Daily Show’ moments«

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