Vladimir Putin’s Astonishing Invitation: Kim Jong Un Joins Him in His Armored Limousine, Outdoing Trump’s 2018 Peek Inside the Beast

Vladimir Putin’s Astonishing Invitation: Kim Jong Un Joins Him in His Armored Limousine, Outdoing Trump’s 2018 Peek Inside the Beast

In an unusual and captivating moment, Vladimir Putin extended a remarkable invitation to Kim Jong Un during their recent meeting at the North Korea–Russia summit.

This encounter seemed to outshine a previous interaction between Kim and Donald Trump back in 2018 when Trump merely allowed Kim to take a quick peek inside his presidential limousine.

Putin’s and Kim’s rendezvous took place during an inspection of the Vostochny Cosmodrome’s space launch facilities in the Russian Far East.

What followed was a series of events that demonstrated the unique camaraderie between the Russian President and the North Korean leader.

The Handshake and Stroll: A 40-Second Greeting

Upon their meeting, Putin and Kim engaged in an enthusiastic handshake that lasted a remarkable 40 seconds.

This prolonged gesture set the tone for their interaction and revealed the depth of their diplomatic rapport.

Following this handshake, the two leaders took a stroll through the space center, heading towards Putin’s presidential Aurus limousine parked in the driveway.

An Invitation to Luxury: Putin’s Aurus Limousine

As they arrived at the presidential limousine, Putin made a grand gesture, inviting Kim Jong Un to join him in the back seat of the luxurious vehicle.

Kim, known to be an automobile enthusiast with a history of owning various luxury cars, eagerly accepted the invitation, radiating a sense of pride as he settled into the limousine’s opulent interior.

Manufactured by the Russian luxury auto brand NAMI, the Aurus Senat is no ordinary car.

The Aurus Senat: A Marvel of Engineering

The Aurus Senat boasts impressive specifications, including a 598-horsepower 4.4-liter V8 engine.

With a length of 21.7 feet and a weight of 14,330 pounds, it incorporates a hybrid drive system and a 9-speed automatic transmission, enabling power to be distributed to all four wheels.

Furthermore, there are plans to manufacture an even more potent version, featuring an 857-horsepower 6.6-liter V-12 engine.

From State to Civilians: The Aurus Senat’s Availability

While NAMI is largely state-owned, it has ventured into producing a civilian version of the Aurus Senat.

This luxury car, inspired by British Rolls Royce sedans in terms of aesthetics, is available to car buyers for $245,000 or 18 million rubles.

This democratization of a vehicle previously reserved for heads of state adds an interesting dimension to the encounter between Putin and Kim.

A Contrasting Past: Kim’s Brief Encounter with Trump’s “Beast”

In sharp contrast to the luxurious experience offered by Putin, Kim Jong Un’s interaction with then-President Trump in 2018 involved a mere glimpse inside Trump’s presidential limousine, known as “The Beast” or Cadillac One.

This $1.6 million armored vehicle is designed to withstand military-style or chemical warfare attacks.

It traveled with President Trump wherever he went and even accompanied him on international trips.

The Beast’s Impenetrable Features

Trump’s limousine, The Beast, is a formidable vehicle weighing eight tons, featuring eight-inch thick steel doors, military-grade bodywork, and a front windscreen capable of withstanding armor-piercing bullets or a .44 magnum.

Its reinforced undercarriage can withstand roadside bombs, and the fuel tank is resistant to explosions.

Remarkably, only the driver’s side window can open for toll payment, and the trunk carries cases of the President’s blood for emergency transfusions.

A Gesture Beyond Luxury: The Implications of Putin’s Invitation

Putin’s generous gesture towards Kim Jong Un goes beyond mere luxury and symbolizes the strengthening ties between the two leaders.

Amid heightened global tensions and fears of North Korea supplying ammunition to Russia for its conflict in Ukraine, their “blood alliance” during the arms-deal talks takes on added significance.

As Kim continues his visit to other Russian military sites and the Far East space port, this unique encounter raises questions about the evolving dynamics of international diplomacy.

An Unexpected Bond

The meeting between Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un at the North Korea–Russia summit was marked by an exceptional display of camaraderie.

Putin’s invitation for Kim to join him in his opulent Aurus Senat limousine not only showcased the vehicle’s grandeur but also hinted at the evolving diplomatic relationship between the two leaders.

As Kim’s visit to Russia unfolds, the world watches closely, with concerns and curiosities about the implications of their newfound alliance.

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