Giddy Kim Jong Un daughter presents at the 10, ‘paramilitary parade of rocket launchers’

“Kim Jong Un and Daughter Attend North Korean Parade Amid Growing Geopolitical Concerns”

Rare Appearance: Kim Jong Un and His Daughter In a rare display of familial presence, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was photographed alongside his 10-year-old daughter, Kim Ju Ae, as they observed a paramilitary parade in Pyongyang, commemorating the nation’s 75th anniversary. The public sighting of Kim’s daughter, who had been largely concealed from the world until recently, marked a symbolic moment during the celebrations.

International Attendees: China and Russia Accompanied by visiting Chinese delegates and a military song and dance group sent by Russia, Kim used the occasion to emphasize North Korea’s ties with Moscow and Beijing, potentially signaling a shift in alliances amid ongoing tensions with Washington. Notably, Vice Premier Liu Guozhong led China’s delegation to the anniversary event, while Russia dispatched its military cultural troupe.

Military Parade and Arms Deals The parade featured a procession of rocket launchers transported by trucks and tractors, followed by infantry drill maneuvers. This display comes as anticipation builds for Kim’s impending visit to Russia to engage in discussions regarding potential arms sales. North Korea seeks to replenish its military reserves depleted during the conflict in Ukraine, potentially amplifying global security concerns.

Summit Expectations: Kim and Putin Speculation abounds regarding a summit between Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin, expected within the month. Some reports even suggest the meeting could take place as early as the following week. The Russian leader is slated to attend an international forum in Vladivostok, which also served as the venue for their previous summit in 2019. South Korean intelligence suggests that preparations may be underway to ensure the meeting remains confidential.

Growing China-Russia-North Korea Cooperation The increasing collaboration among China, Russia, and North Korea, coupled with Chinese President Xi Jinping’s absence from the Group of 20 Summit in India, hints at evolving dynamics in Asia’s geopolitical landscape. However, concerns persist regarding a potential arms deal between Russia and North Korea, which would violate numerous international sanctions. Such an alignment with a pariah state bloc could potentially harm China’s struggling global economy.

Diplomatic Letters and Parade Focus On the occasion of the anniversary, Kim received letters from both Putin and Xi Jinping, affirming their countries’ strengthened ties with North Korea in the interest of regional peace and stability. The parade primarily highlighted paramilitary organizations and public security forces responsible for protecting Pyongyang, rather than the military units responsible for nuclear-capable weapons systems, as seen in previous parades this year.

Symbolic Daughter’s Presence Since November, Kim Jong Un has been progressively including his daughter in major public events involving the military. Analysts interpret this as a deliberate message to underscore his commitment to retaining his nuclear arsenal, seen as vital for his survival and the continuation of his family’s dynastic rule. Notably, Kim did not deliver a speech during the parade, suggesting the absence of a major policy announcement.

Diplomatic Maneuvering Amid Tensions The Korean Peninsula currently witnesses heightened tensions marked by North Korea’s missile tests and the United States’ joint military exercises with South Korea and Japan. To counter these developments, Kim is striving to elevate North Korea’s partnerships with Moscow and Beijing, aiming to break its diplomatic isolation and position itself as a significant player in opposition to the United States.

Previous Parades and Arms Supply Suspicions Kim’s efforts to strengthen ties with Russia and China were previously evident when he invited delegations led by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Chinese Communist Party Politburo member Li Hongzhong to a massive military parade in Pyongyang. During that event, North Korea showcased its most potent weapons, including intercontinental ballistic missiles aimed at the U.S. mainland. Kim’s willingness to supply arms to Russia was also implied when he toured a domestic arms exhibition with Shoigu, showcasing support for Russia’s Ukraine invasion.

Implications of Arms Deals Potential arms transfers from North Korea to Russia could involve artillery shells, ammunition, and advanced weapons technologies, with North Korea seeking essential energy, food aid, and military technology in return. However, these transactions raise concerns over heightened threats posed by North Korea’s expanding nuclear and missile capabilities, which target the United States and its Asian allies.

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