Vladimir Putin has accepted invitation to visit North Korea.

Putin Accepts Invitation to Visit North Korea

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accepted an invitation to visit North Korea, according to state media in Pyongyang. This development comes as Kim Jong Un concludes a rare trip to meet with his ally, marking a historic meeting between the two leaders.

Results of the Summit

The summit between Kim Jong Un and Putin resulted in promises of Russian assistance for North Korea’s fledgling space program, as reported by Russian news agencies. Putin also expressed the view that there are “possibilities” for military cooperation between the two nations.

Global Sanctions and Concerns Over Arms Agreements

Both Russia and North Korea are subject to global sanctions, with Russia facing sanctions related to its conflict in Ukraine and North Korea due to its nuclear tests. Kim’s visit to Russia has raised concerns about potential illicit arms agreements between the two nations.

International Reactions

South Korea’s ruling party criticized what it called “a devil’s deal” between Moscow and Pyongyang, while Japan warned against any violations of UN bans on arms deals with North Korea following the Putin-Kim talks.

Friendly Relations and Historical References

After their meetings and a lavish banquet, Kim “courteously invited Putin to visit the DPRK at a convenient time,” as stated by state-run KCNA. Putin accepted the invitation with pleasure, reaffirming the historical friendship between Russia and North Korea. Both leaders expressed mutual support, with Kim stating that he is confident Russia will achieve a “great victory.”

Potential Geopolitical Impact

Some experts see the summit as a significant shift in Northeast Asian geopolitics, potentially forming a stronger alliance between North Korea, Russia, and China. This alliance could be viewed as a destabilizing force in the region, with North Korean ammunition potentially impacting the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Implications of Arms Deal

Concerns have been raised about the implications of a potential arms agreement between Russia and North Korea, especially in the context of Russia’s conflict in Ukraine. There is speculation that Russia has tested North Korean shells in battlefields and may be ready to expand their use, with potential consequences for the ongoing conflict.

Russia’s Efforts to Strengthen Alliances

Russia, facing isolation in the West due to its invasion of Ukraine, has been seeking to strengthen alliances with other leaders facing similar isolation. Putin praised the strengthening of cooperation and friendship between Russia and North Korea during Kim’s visit.

International Response and Expert Analysis

The international response to the summit has been mixed, with the U.S. State Department expressing concern about potential violations of UN Security Council resolutions. Experts suggest that North Korea-Russia relations have returned to the level of a “blood alliance” reminiscent of the Cold War, with a notable presence of key military officials during Kim’s visit.

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