Oba Salo’s Luxurious Benz GLE Reduced to Ashes on Lagos-Ibadan Highway, Seyi Vibez’s 15 Million Naira Gift Sparks Controversy and Apology

Tragedy Strikes: Oba Salo’s Benz GLE in Flames on Lagos-Ibadan Highway

In a distressing turn of events, Oba Salo, a prominent TikTok star, faced a heart-wrenching moment as his luxurious Benz GLE caught fire along the Lagos-Ibadan highway.

The incident, captured in a trending video, depicts the vehicle engulfed in flames, rendering it beyond recognition or repair.

Seyi Vibez’s Generosity and Controversial Gifts

Following the unfortunate incident, Nigerian singer Seyi Vibez reached out to DJ Chicken and Oba Salo, expressing empathy by gifting them 5 million naira and ten million naira, respectively.

While initial reactions were filled with excitement, controversy arose as both recipients questioned the source of Seyi Vibez’s substantial wealth.

Financial Gifts Spark Social Media Storm

The financial gifts, seemingly generous, became a subject of debate when DJ Chicken deemed the amount too small, raising eyebrows about the legitimacy of Seyi Vibez’s generosity.

Oba Salo, in particular, openly doubted the source of the money, questioning whether it could be used for ethically questionable purposes.

Oba Salo’s Heated Exchange and Subsequent Apology

A video surfaced featuring Oba Salo engaging in a heated exchange with Seyi Vibez, accusing the singer of attempting to bribe him into exclusive collaboration.

In the aftermath, Oba Salo posted another video, offering an apology to Seyi Vibez, attributing the controversy to “the work of the devil,” and pleading for forgiveness.

Doubts Linger: Oba Salo’s Unsettled Questions

Despite the apology, lingering doubts persist regarding the true nature of Seyi Vibez’s financial gestures.

The social media storm surrounding the incident raises questions about transparency, ethics, and the responsibilities that come with celebrity generosity.

Oba Salo’s emotional journey, from the loss of his car to the controversies sparked by financial gifts, highlights the complexities of fame and fortune in the digital age.**

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