Elementary School Principal’s Resignation Amidst Drag Queen Controversy and Child Pornography Past Ignites Heated Debate in Oklahoma

Resignation Amidst Controversy: Oklahoma Principal Dr. Shane Murnan’s Drag Queen Past Unravels

Dr. Shane Murnan, who was appointed as the principal of John Glenn Elementary School in June, has submitted his resignation following intense backlash over his history of performing as a drag queen named Shantel Mandalay.

The controversy also brought to light child pornography charges against Murnan nearly 20 years ago, which were later dropped.

Backlash Forces Administrative Measures

The revelation of Murnan’s drag queen activities, initially brought to public attention through the Libs of TikTok social media account in September, prompted the Western Heights School District to implement additional security measures.

Threats were received, and Murnan was instructed to mostly work off-site before being placed on administrative leave.

Superintendent Celebrates Resignation Amidst Outrage

Ryan Walters, superintendent of the State of Oklahoma, who had urged Murnan to step down, celebrated the news of Murnan’s resignation on social media.

Walters had been a vocal critic, emphasizing that having drag queens in the classroom would not be tolerated in Oklahoma.

Drag Queen Performances and Past Charges Unearthed

Murnan’s involvement as a drag queen came to light when he performed at a venue called ‘The Boom’ and reportedly read books to children at local libraries while in costume.

His past child pornography charges, dismissed due to a lack of probable cause during a preliminary hearing, resurfaced, leading to heightened scrutiny.

District’s Defense and Superintendent’s Allegations

The school district, aware of Murnan’s previous charges, defended his hiring based on his qualifications and long-standing reputation in the field of education.

Superintendent Walters, however, asserted that Murnan’s hiring was part of a broader left-wing agenda to influence children’s beliefs and dismantle family units.

Alleged Agenda to Influence Children and Break Down Families

Walters claimed that hiring individuals like Murnan was part of a leftist scheme to control student values, accusing them of attempting to break down family units and influence children with radical ideologies.

He argued that the broader agenda was turning children away from their parents’ beliefs, creating a generation of social justice warriors.

Continued Controversy: Calls for Change in Education

The controversy surrounding Murnan’s resignation has reignited the debate over education, with Superintendent Walters vowing not to allow what he calls “radical-left games” in Oklahoma classrooms.

The ongoing debate raises questions about the intersection of personal lifestyles, past controversies, and their impact on educational institutions.

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