Armed Mob Targets Doctors After Patient’s Demise, Leaving Medical Staff in Fear and Chaos

Unprecedented Violence at Federal Teaching Hospital, Lokoja: Doctors Confronted Following Patient’s Death

In a shocking incident at the Federal Teaching Hospital, Lokoja, a group of men, reportedly led by an unidentified political figure, stormed the medical facility in distress over the death of a patient.

The situation quickly escalated, resulting in a violent confrontation with hospital staff.

Doctor’s Account of the Incident: Chaos Unfolds Amidst Patient’s Death

Sharing a video on social media, a medical practitioner identified as k_f2d detailed the disturbing events.

According to the doctor, the men, dressed in kaftans, forcibly entered the hospital premises demanding to see the doctors on duty, holding them responsible for the patient’s demise.

Violent Confrontation in the Emergency Room: Doctors Targeted by Agitated Mob

The chaotic scene unfolded in the hospital’s Emergency Room, where the men aggressively sought out the doctors.

In the video footage, individuals were seen struggling over a gun, with shots ringing out.

The doctor described the confusion and fear among the medical staff confronted by the enraged group.

Intimidation Tactics: Political Leader Allegedly Involved in the Attack

The doctor mentioned that one of the men leading the group is believed to be a political leader.

Despite the doctors’ confusion and lack of connection to the deceased patient, the men proceeded to physically confront and intimidate the medical staff.

Hospital Staff Forced to Hide: Violent Rampage Causes Destruction

As the situation escalated, the medical staff had to seek refuge in different locations within the hospital.

The attackers reportedly wreaked havoc in the Emergency Room, assaulting any workers they encountered, including nurses, doctors, and security personnel.

Security Intervention Escalates Tensions: Gunfire Erupts in Struggle for Control

Attempting to regain control, the Chief Security Officer (CSO) confronted the attackers with a gun.

However, the situation escalated further as a struggle ensued, resulting in multiple gunshots.

The hospital gate was subsequently locked as staff members sought safety in various areas of the facility.

Ongoing Crisis at Federal Teaching Hospital, Lokoja: Staff in Hiding as Violent Unrest Continues

The hospital remains in a state of crisis as the violent unrest continues.

With staff members in hiding across the facility, the incident highlights the vulnerability of medical professionals and the urgent need for security measures to protect healthcare workers in such situations.

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