Pro-Palestine Mob Targets Labour with Accusations of Zionism and Racism in Central London

Pro-Palestinian Protest Targets Labour Party with Accusations of Zionism and Racism:

Chants and Signs:

At a rally near Westminster Bridge, a pro-Palestinian mob directed racist accusations against the Labour Party, calling them “Zionist” and “racist.”

The protest came amid a wave of demonstrations in the capital, some marred by anti-Semitic sentiments.

Labour Split on Gaza Crisis Fuels Anger:

Internal Divide:

The outburst coincides with internal divisions within the Labour Party regarding the Gaza crisis.

While the party officially opposes a ceasefire, several MPs have openly called for one, sparking criticism from some members and protesters.

Starmer Confronted on Stance:

Tense Exchange:

A recent pro-Palestinian activist’s confrontation with Sir Keir Starmer further highlighted the tension within the party.

The party leader faced questions about his stance on the ongoing conflict.

Met Police Criticized for Flag Restriction:

Alleged Bias:

The Metropolitan Police faced accusations of double standards after instructing a protester in Trafalgar Square to remove an Israeli flag, citing heritage site regulations.

This move came after allowing pro-Palestinian rallies with flags in the same location.

Protesters Follow Labour Officials:

Continued Pressure:

The mob followed Labour officials to a meeting in Waterloo, continuing their chants of “Labour Party Zionist Party” and “Labour Party Racist Party.”

This incident further underscores the escalating tensions surrounding the Gaza crisis and its impact on British politics.


Pro-Palestinian protesters in London accused the Labour Party of being “Zionist” and “racist” during a rally.

The Labour Party is internally divided on the Gaza crisis, with some MPs calling for a ceasefire against the official party line.

Sir Keir Starmer faced a tense exchange with a pro-Palestinian activist on his stance regarding the conflict.

The Metropolitan Police were criticized for allegedly applying double standards in restricting flag displays at Trafalgar Square.

Protesters followed Labour officials to a meeting, highlighting the ongoing pressure on the party amid the Gaza crisis.