Tragic Tanker Explosion Claims Over 20 Lives on Warri-Benin Expressway

A Tragic Scene Unveiled

A distressing video capturing the aftermath of a tanker explosion along the Warri-Benin expressway has surfaced, revealing the devastating consequences of the incident.

This tragic event, as previously reported by Naija News, occurred in the early hours of Sunday. It was triggered by a spark from a faulty vehicle, leading to a massive fire while individuals, including a pregnant woman, children, and elderly persons, were engaged in the dangerous activity of scooping fuel from the fallen tanker.

Eyewitness Account of a Fateful Night

An eyewitness, speaking to Vanguard, provided insight into the harrowing sequence of events that transpired.

Despite warnings from drivers and security personnel at the scene, the victims rushed to scoop fuel from the tanker.

Some even attempted to flee into the nearby forest when disaster struck.

The Grim Aftermath

The tragic consequences of the explosion were grim. Several bodies were burnt beyond recognition, and burnt vehicles, including the tanker itself, were scattered across the explosion site.

The eyewitness reported, “You can see dead bodies on the ground, some of them ran into the forest, and as I speak, some dead bodies have been removed. I counted over 20 bodies.”

A Community in Shock

The eyewitness also shared the community’s response to the unfolding tragedy.

Despite efforts to prevent the individuals from scooping fuel due to the evident danger, the youths in the area threatened those trying to intervene, asserting that it was their community and they had the right to engage in this perilous activity.

The Video That Tells the Story

A video from the accident scene has emerged, offering a visual glimpse into the aftermath of the tanker explosion and the scale of the devastation.

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