AC Milan Star Rafael Leão Takes on ‘City Boys’ Challenge

Rafael Leão, the star player from AC Milan, has enthusiastically embraced the viral ‘City Boys’ challenge, showcasing his dance moves alongside friends.

This challenge draws inspiration from the hit song of the same name by Grammy award-winning Nigerian musician Burna Boy.

Replicating Dance Moves from the Music Video

In a video shared on social media, Rafael Leão and his friends are seen replicating the dance moves featured in the music video for Burna Boy’s song ‘City Boys.’

Leão’s agility and finesse on the football pitch seem to translate seamlessly onto the dance floor.

A Delight for Football and Music Fans

Rafael Leão’s active participation in the ‘City Boys’ challenge is certain to bring joy to fans of both football and music, as he combines his passion for the game with his love for dance.