Victor Adere Defends TB Joshua, Reveals Personal Miracles Amidst Seun Kuti’s Doubts About Prophet’s Miracles

Victor Adere’s Testimony on Twitter

In response to Seun Kuti’s comments dismissing the authenticity of TB Joshua’s miracles, Victor Adere took to Twitter to highlight the miraculous events in his life attributed to the late prophet.

Defending TB Joshua’s Legacy

As a fervent supporter of TB Joshua, Adere passionately defended the late prophet’s legacy by recounting specific instances of divine interventions.

He emphasized instances such as his healing from a skin disease at the age of 6, the restoration of his mother’s hand after a gunshot wound, and his sister’s healing from blindness during her primary school years.

Personal Encounters with Miracles

Adere continued his testimony, mentioning the support provided by TB Joshua when his family faced homelessness.

He credited the late prophet for offering shelter and sustenance, emphasizing that these experiences were genuine manifestations of divine intervention.

Reaffirmation and Reposting in Defense

Victor Adere reaffirmed his unwavering belief in the authenticity of the miracles performed by TB Joshua and reposted supportive tweets in defense of the late prophet amidst the ongoing controversy sparked by Seun Kuti’s comments.

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