Elon Musk’s X Flooded with Conspiracy Theories Amid Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger Outage

Conspiracy Theories Abound Amid Meta Platforms Outage

A global outage affecting Meta-owned platforms Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram for approximately one and a half hours has spurred numerous conspiracy theories regarding the cause behind the disruption.

The outage, which impacted users worldwide, led to a flurry of speculations on various online platforms.

Super Tuesday Speculations

Speculations about the outage’s timing coinciding with Super Tuesday, a significant day for primaries in several U.S. states, added fuel to the conspiracy theories.

Former President Donald Trump’s participation in the primaries, particularly against Republican candidate Nikki Haley, fueled theories about potential interference with the electoral process.

Global Impact and Speculations

As Meta’s social media platforms went down globally, questions arose about whether the outage was merely a technical glitch or part of a larger conspiracy.

Users from different countries, including the UK, Europe, China, Australia, and Mexico, expressed skepticism, with some linking the outage to broader geopolitical agendas.

Conspiracy Theorists Weigh In

Amid the outage, conspiracy theorists took to social media platforms to share their speculations.

Some suggested the outage was a deliberate attempt to suppress free speech, while others linked it to the New World Order conspiracy theory, positing a governmental agenda behind the disruption.

Counterarguments and Rationality

While conspiracy theories proliferated online, others dismissed them as baseless and unfounded. Rational voices pointed out the lack of connection between the outage and electoral processes, urging users to remain calm and rational amidst the speculation.

Continued Speculation and Allegations

Conspiracy theories continued to gain traction, with some users alleging a coordinated effort to interfere with the electoral process.

Comparisons were drawn to a previous outage experienced by AT&T, further fueling suspicions of a broader conspiracy involving both social media and telecommunication companies.

Taylor Swift and Political Allegations

Speculations also arose regarding pop star Taylor Swift’s influence on the outage, with some linking her call to vote with the timing of the platform’s disruption.

Accusations of political bias against right-wing voters surfaced, despite the lack of concrete evidence linking Swift’s message to the outage.

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