Dog tried to follow his owners out of the room, prompting a heartbreaking plea from the vet technician

Dog tried to follow his owners out of the room, prompting a heartbreaking plea from the vet technician

Through Madison Burgess Reviewed: 08:56 EDT, August 31, 2023

One of the worst moments for every pet owner is saying goodbye to a furry buddy since it forces them to make a difficult decision: do you want to be in the room when they’re put to sleep?It may seem obvious to some pet parents that they would never abandon their animal in its final moments, but for others, it may not be so straightforward because it may be too upsetting for them to stomach.

A Texas veterinary technician weighed in on the discussion by using Reddit to make a sincere appeal to pet owners not to abandon their animals to be put to death on their own.Because everyone deals with sorrow differently, she said, “I will always try to give grace and save my judgements on how people are able to deal with it, but MAN… it is f*****g depressing to have a dog spending its final moments looking for where their owner went.”Simply being by a friend’s side to comfort them, in my opinion, is the absolute last consolation you can offer.

The veterinary technician talked about a recent incident that “hit me hard” and expressed her wish that “it could have ended differently.”She continued, “I’m not judging the owners’ emotional capacity for grief,” but she found it distressing when a dog was sobbing and making an effort to exit the front door by himself after his owners had departed, distressed in his final minutes.I don’t want to imply that the dog was thinking, “OMG I’m dying alone.” She stated, “I’m not even talking about the euthanasia itself, but the moments leading up to it.For those of you who tell dogs, “just think their owners stepped out for a moment,” you’re missing the point: even if that were the case, they would still be stressed.You guys, this dog we had to put to sleep honestly tried so hard to walk himself out the front door with his leash after his owners left, and he kept crying and being stressed out until the propofol got him.We completed our jobs and showed everyone affection and treats, but the question “where did they go?” was never far from our minds. Whatever you want to say, I just find it unfortunate that they were his final moments.He was a very good boy, and I wish he had been able to rest a little more because I believe he earned it.People expressing their own experiences and perspectives on the topic inundated the post with answers.As one user put it, “I liked to give people the option of staying until the pet was sedated for the peace of mind that the pet was not searching for them, but they could choose to not be there for the actual euthanasia.” Many people agreed.Someone added their voice and said:

This is how to do it.Another veterinarian offered a fair response, saying, “I used to work at a clinic that did boarding, and we had one where an elderly boarder wasn’t doing well and the owner couldn’t get back in time to be there.” The poor lady was actually on a plane that had just taken off on her way to her grandson’s graduation when we called, the vet added.We all felt so horrible because it was so sad, so we made sure to give this aging golden retriever extra attention. I can still picture this sweet little old dog.

But on the other hand, not everyone can handle seeing death the way we do, especially when it’s a loved one. That was one I completely understood why the owner couldn’t be there.I can absolutely understand why someone would not be able to witness the euthanasia of their pet.But even though it hurts for the animal, we just make sure to show them the extra care they require in their final days.

The most important thing is that you’re assisting them in experiencing less discomfort, therefore that’s what matters most.Another veterinarian described dealing with a “woman who was hysterical” who could hardly get her cat into the office. They explained that the woman had ‘begged’ the vet to stay with her cat until it passed because the animal was old and didn’t have any rear legs. She wrote, “I read her file later; a year ago, her dog was ill and required euthanasia.”

After the first injection, it had seized. The actual operation, according to DVM, was the worst euthanasia she had ever encountered.’She is not at all to fault for being unable to attend.

There is so much terrible in the world, and you never know what other people’s lives are like.It’s challenging for the animal to pass away without their person present, according to this statement.Whether requested to or not, one veterinarian claims they would always remain and wait with people’s pets throughout the procedure.

In some cases, owners dropped off their pets so swiftly that the veterinarian wasn’t even able to inform them that they would be staying.I’ve kept my pledge and have never abandoned them so many times over the past 18 years, I lost count, they wrote.The fact that the animal wasn’t left completely alone and was still receiving comfort at the end helps to lessen the pain in my heart.