Vermont Town Shuts Down Road Due to Influencer Invasion During Fall Foliage Season

Vermont Town Shuts Down Road Due to Influencer Invasion During Fall Foliage Season

Vermont Town Takes a Stand

In a bid to regain the tranquility of their picturesque town, residents of Pomfret, Vermont, have made a significant decision.

Frustrated by an influx of influencers seeking the perfect fall selfie, they have voted to close off access to their beloved town.

The Influencer Invasion

Pomfret has long been a cherished destination for autumn foliage enthusiasts, but the arrival of influencers has raised concerns among locals.

These new visitors, driven by the quest for social media likes, have been accused of disruptive behavior, including flying drones, obstructing roads, and even getting their vehicles stuck on uneven terrain.

Autumn Closure for Peace

In response to a series of irritating incidents, residents have taken action by closing Cloudland Road from September 23 to October 15, coinciding with the emergence of autumn colors.

This road offers a breathtaking fall vista, featuring classic New England buildings and a riot of fall foliage—a scene that has attracted numerous influencers seeking identical snapshots.

From Quiet Beauty to Social Media Sensation

For years, Cloudland Road and the adjoining Sleepy Hollow Farm had been cherished by those who sought to quietly admire the changing seasons and rolling hills.

However, over the past five years, the social media sensation transformed this serene spot into a magnet for influencers.

Influencers’ Disruptive Behavior

Influencers disregarded the tranquility of the area, parking haphazardly on the narrow, unpaved road and trespassing onto private properties, often ignoring “no trespassing” signs. Residents, accustomed to respectful tourists, found these new visitors to be disruptive and invasive.

Misguided Notions of Public Space

Many of these influencers arrived with the mistaken belief that the area was a public park, leading to bizarre incidents such as setting up portable changing booths for outfit changes during selfie sessions.

Growing Nuisance and Safety Concerns

The situation escalated further as tourists flew drones dangerously close to residents, stole tomatoes from vines, and even used a private garden house as a restroom.

Safety concerns emerged, as it became apparent that emergency vehicles would struggle to navigate the crowded road during peak foliage season.

Taking Action: Road Closure and Outreach

Faced with these challenges, Pomfret residents successfully convinced the town to close Cloudland Road for three weeks.

They also reached out to social media influencers and local inns, urging them to redirect tourists to alternative Vermont destinations.

Influencer Response and Road Closure

In response to the community’s concerns, some influencers, like Kiel James Patrick, have removed posts featuring Sleepy Hollow Farm from their platforms and advocated for privacy and respect.

During the road closure, Windsor County Deputy Sheriffs will oversee checkpoints to enforce the restrictions.

Impact on Tourism Industry

Despite the road closure, residents believe that it will not negatively impact

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