Republican Phil Scott Emerges as the Most Admired Governor in Deep-Blue Vermont, Boasting an Astounding 84% Approval

Republican Phil Scott Emerges as the Most Admired Governor in Deep-Blue Vermont, Boasting an Astounding 84% Approval

Unprecedented Popularity: Phil Scott’s Political Triumph

Governor Phil Scott, a Republican leading in the overwhelmingly Democratic state of Vermont, has clinched the title of the most popular governor in the United States.

With a staggering 84% approval rating in recent polls, Scott has continually maintained impressive approval ratings in the mid-70s.

Despite being a Republican in a deeply liberal state, his support has steadily grown, winning 53% of the vote in 2016 and soaring to 71% in the last election.

Genuine Appeal: A Leader Embracing Down-to-Earth Values

Scott’s popularity stems from his down-to-earth demeanor and genuine, approachable nature.

Known for his humility, he’s often spotted mowing the grass around a public statue in his hometown, Barre, symbolizing his lack of ego and commitment to community care.

Vermonters appreciate his bipartisan approach, especially evident in his handling of crises like the COVID-19 pandemic and severe flooding, which he navigated with resilience and practicality.

Uniting a Divided State: Steadfast Leadership and Actions

His leadership during the COVID-19 crisis was marked by daily televised briefings, where he emphasized the importance of safety measures.

Similarly, during the state’s historic flooding, Scott was a steady and reassuring presence. His refusal to engage in political mudslinging has earned him respect, even from rivals.

Notably, his courageous move to collaborate with a Democrat-dominated Legislature to pass significant gun control measures in 2018 was praised as a testament to his political bravery.

Humble Roots and Civic Contributions

Scott’s upbringing in Barre, raised by a widowed mother, saw him delve into entrepreneurship before entering politics.

His civic contributions, like organizing post-storm relief efforts after Tropical Storm Irene in 2011, showcased his community-oriented mindset.

Despite some backlash within his own party for his liberal stances on social issues and his rejection of Donald Trump in favor of Joe Biden, Scott’s values align with Vermont’s ethos of inclusivity and kindness.

A Unique Political Figure: Social Liberalism and Vermont’s Ethical Image

While his social liberalism and support for the LGBTQ community have caused friction within the GOP, many Vermonters celebrate these stances.

Scott’s alignment with Vermont’s “nice people” ethos and his ethical approach to governance have solidified his position as a beloved leader transcending traditional partisan divides.

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