Influencer Karina Irby Faces Public Humiliation Due to Skin Condition During Pedicure

Body positive influencer Karina Irby, known for her empowering messages, experienced a humiliating incident during a recent pedicure session.

The 33-year-old bikini designer has been candid about her lifelong battle with eczema, which has left her skin marked by scars and patches of white skin.

In an emotional Instagram video, she expressed her newfound confidence and desire for a pedicure, an activity she had previously avoided due to her skin condition. Unfortunately, instead of receiving support, Karina encountered judgment from her pedicurist.

During the pedicure, the pedicurist appeared disapproving, treating Karina as if she were a source of disease. Karina described the experience as the “worst pedicure of her life,” feeling mortified by the woman’s reaction to her legs.

She expressed how uncomfortable the entire ordeal was, constantly aware of the pedicurist’s scrutiny. She emphasized that her skin condition is just a part of her and does not define her as a person.

Karina later shared a photo of herself with tears in her eyes, questioning the need for such loud and careless behavior. She advocated for kindness and understanding, asking why people feel the necessity to publicly shame others over physical attributes.

Karina is renowned for her body positivity posts and her bikini business. She has been open about her eczema journey, having been a target of bullying in her childhood, where she was treated as if her condition was contagious.

Today, she strives to normalize eczema and promote self-acceptance.

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